Saturday, June 15, 2019

2019 Topps Now purchases - Ohtani

I stumbled upon an eBay promo code[$3 Off $3.01+ Purchases] and while I'd abstained from collecting Topps Now Ohtani card past what I'd gotten his rookie year - I thought I'd make an exception for this latest Ohtani feat.

I like the multiple images used on the back of the card, but I don't think the image choice on the front of the card is optimal - a shot of Ohtani on base after his last hit to get the cycle would have been much better than the one chosen.

Looking to pick up the Ohtani cycle card, I figured I might as well grab this card if I could find a seller listing both cards - I don't like the Tommy La Stella butt shot, but it's a cool game highlight to see an Angels trio hit back-to-back-to-back home runs.

Because of an impulsive trigger finger perhaps, I bought this along with the back-to-back-to-back home run card as a pair instead - now it looks like I'll have three 2019 Topps Now Ohtani cards in-hand to look forward to, which isn't a bad thing, though not something I'd planned to keep up with.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Angels lot purchase - tha other muthas

2019 Panini Diamond Kings The 300 Nolan Ryan #8 - listed as a Angels card, Ryan had his thugged-out lil' prime years up in tha 1970s, long before I was a twinkle up in mah fathers' eye.

Like tha previous post holla'd, I just aint had tha opportunitizzle ta rummage all up in loose cardboard like other bloggers - I gotta find mah skanky cardboard thrills other ways.

I found a Angels themed Diamond Mackdaddys lot, highlighted by a gangbangin' finger-lickin' sharp lookin Mike Trout bat card - these is tha other cardz dat came wit tha Trout cards.

2019 Donruss Independence Day David Fletcher #36 - in addition to a couple of Albert Pujols inserts from 2018 Panini Diamond Kings, this patriotic card of tha Angels spark plug might done been added on as extras.

2019 Panini Diamond Kings 2004 DK Retro Crowning Moment Plum Frame Vladimir Guerrero #2 - sorry fo' tha long title, dis card belongs ta tha Angels legend whose lil hustla is lookin ta cook up a impact up in Da Six.

2019 Panini Diamond Kings DK 205 Shohei Ohtani #6 - these is drab n' snooze worthy yo.

2019 Panini Diamond Kings Gallery of Stars Shohei Ohtani #12 - an artsy fartsy, run all up in a photo editor card of tha Japanese bat pimp juice slugger.

2019 Panini Donruss Highlights Albert Pujols #2 - serial #'d to 999; This card is so shiny, it pops mah eyes out.

2019 Topps Heritage Albert Pujols SP #422 - even it don't pop as much cuz it aint nuthin but a retro design, the MLB logos on dis card give it soul.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Angels lot purchase - Mike Trout cards

I just haven't had the opportunity to rummage through loose cardboard like other bloggers at card shops or card shows - I have to find my cheap cardboard thrills other ways.

I was curious about 2019 Panini Diamond Kings, but not tempted enough to try a loose value pack or blaster box - I found an Angels themed Diamond Kings lot, highlighted by a sharp looking Mike Trout bat card.

2003 DK Retro Crowning Moment #10 - I like self-assured, confident smile on Trout's face as well the flashback design of this insert.

Framed Plum #133 - Trout is listed a short print in the 2019 Panini Diamond Kings set, but I don't know if the parallel is an SP as well.

DK 205 #4 - the least attractive card in this grouping, but any Trout is a keeper.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

1959 Fleer Ted Williams card pickup

There are simply other interesting cards from this eclectic one-player vintage set, but I impulsively grabbed this one as a bookend card for my micro-mini Ted Williams PC - which, as a tribute to the Hall of Fame icon, apparently exists with two or three other cards and a couple of autographed items.

I like the card because it seems kind of a quirky image where Williams is having his eye exam, holding up a tool where his face is partially obscured - whether or not it is the case, I dwell on the idea he is playing peekaboo, either bored or too good to have his picture properly taken.

Loose ungraded singles only sell for so much, so any sort of serious value is just not there for these 60-year old cards - to tie this pick up with some current events, I simply chose a PSA graded copy, even when sifting through issues with third party grading of more significant vintage cards.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

1990 NBA Hoops Mark Jackson #205

I was bored when I grabbed this card on a random search - I wouldn’t have paid a nickel for this junk wax era basketball card before learning about a cameo by the infamous Menendez brothers, who are pictured sitting courtside off the to left.

Who really cares about the people in the crowd in a random trading card but someone noticed the pair of brothers who teamed up to kill their parents in 1989 - to satisfy a little morbid curiosity, I added it to my collection for about $3 and change.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

2019 rookies / Topps Now / Topps Living

I bought the first Topps Now cards of rookies Yusei Kikuchi, Fernando Tatis Jr., Chris Paddack, Eloy Jimenez, Pete Alonso and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - as is, I couldn't keep up with the flood of daily email blasts from Topps, so I've ignored cards made for the wave of other quality prospects called up including Michael Chavis [Boston Red Sox] Austin Riley [Atlanta Braves], Keston Hiura [Milwaukee Brewers], Nick Senzel [Cincinnati Reds], Brendan Rodgers [Colorado Rockies] and Cavan Biggio [Toronto Blue Jays].

Starting with Shohei Ohtani in 2018 there was a push see if I could add selected Topps Now / Topps Living cards as something different but rookie year relevant - after Ohtani, there was Ronald Acuña Jr., Gleyber Torres and Juan Soto whose cards I kind of looked for on the side.

The Topps Now / Topps Living cards are nice souvenirs in-hand and maybe a premium in my mind was buying a Topps Now issue gave me a game dated card that might have fulfilled the desire to have something 'here and now' as opposed to much later when I might not care as much - as is, the cards are not as valuable compared to rookies’ eventual pack pulled issues.

I'll probably get picky and wait on graded versions of any Topps Now / Topps Living cards - I just feel like I won't be such in a frenzy to look for any particular one like last year.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Featured autograph - David Fletcher

When he was first starting his professional career, maybe I've heard him mentioned on Twitter just a few times and he was just another guy to me - I got him to sign a card when he played in the Arizona Fall League in 2016, so eventually I was able to add it to my all-time Angels autograph collection when he got to the big leagues in 2018.

Fletcher fits that scrappy, grinder, David Eckstein mold that might be a little overplayed or at worst biased - but it's true that Fletcher can be described as many adjectives mostly saved for right guys [guys who play the game the right way]; he's not Manny Machado and he's going to scrap and battle every time he is inserted into a big league game.

In his second year and first full season in the major leagues, the now 25-year old Fletcher has played five different positions as a utility player - but hitting like an Up & Up version of Jose Altuve, Fletcher seems to have nailed down a regular spot in the Angels' lineup.