Saturday, April 18, 2015

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen box topper pack

Gypsy Queen is out and I grabbed a box topper of minis even though I like the regular sized trading cards - without picking up a full hobby box, I thought I might pull something mildly interesting.

#29 Chris Sale

#161 Lorenzo Cain
#91 Javier Baez
#90 Carlos Santana

#152 Rod Carew

#163 Willie McCovey
#97 Anthony Rizzo

#157 Rusney Castillo

#122 Ken Griffey Jr.
#187 Xander Bogaerts

Monday, April 13, 2015

Featured autographs - Greg Holland and Salvador Perez

I pulled a 2014 Topps Chrome Greg Holland from this break and I mused how it might be a project to get the card signed by both players pictured - while I'm bummed the Angels were swept over the weekend by the visiting Kansas City Royals, I did get Holland's autograph for the first time and also added a scribble of the other player.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Featured autograph - Matt Cain

After working on bounce back year after an elbow injury cut his season short in 2014 - he has suffered a setback that probably doesn't sound too good for a guy looking to get his career going again, but I guess you can only throw a ball for a living for so long, regardless of how much success or how injury free one has been in their careers.

It probably helps to have Madison Bumgarner emerge as your outright, no doubt about it ace - but it's kind of amazing the San Francisco Giants won the World Series last year despite Cain being injured and Tim Lincecum being up-and-down.

They were the Giants' one-two pitching duo for a long time, but both Cain and Lincecum have a lot to prove - looking to find the success that defined their careers as Giants.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Assorted finds from a card shop

A numbered Freese parallel - hopefully Freese has a better season as an Angel this season after being pedestrian in 2014.

I find like finding the odd base card or two from a $50 pack in the quarter box - because they are a little thicker, a little shinier than most cards I'd usually find, these mean a little bit more to a cardboard scavenger I fancy myself as.

A couple of guys who got late season opportunities with the Angels in 2014 - Diaz is now with the Colorado Rockies and O'Malley is with the Seattle Mariners.

Greinke is a little awkward and the guy doesn't like to sign autographs interact unless obligated to do so - but he gets paid to be a starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the last I checked, has enjoyed a fairly successful run as one of the better starters in Major League Baseball.

Gonzalez is a pretty good player who can occasionally turn it up a notch - even though as a guy in his mid 30's now, he's really more steady than spectacular.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sorting - collecting topics and inserts

I get self-conscious about collecting when it's mostly a solitary activity for me to hoard cardboard - I have to find ways to keep baseball cards a 'thing' so I can kind of feel like I still have some sort of purpose and not just some kook.

For the last couple of weeks, I've tended to my 25-30 mini-collections - that means hunkering down, listing my 2015 adds in my collecting topics / mini-collections database as well as listing cards I've pruned from my A-Z archives of commons.

I really wonder why I care about a countless number of commons and/or base cards - it's fun when I could occasionally flip through a grouping of cards and see a theme that has me amused.

As my latest batch of collecting topics cards are listed [and sort of put away in temporary boxes], my focus will shift through my loose inserts - several years ago, I started to list my inserts in a spreadsheet and put them away in binders.

I lost interest over the few years as cards piled up all over the place - as is, I've busted open the box of plastic sheets I bought two or three years ago to restart the process of putting inserts away.

I need to make sure that most inserts [parallels, oddball issues, etc] are accounted for - even if organizing them really just means they are in a binder somewhere.

Maybe I'd really like to figure out things about my spreadsheet - discover forgotten cards, try to sort cards by team to perhaps serve as trade bait and see if I can generate 10-15 trades by posting a listing of cards by teams.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

More 2015 Donruss pack breaks - x4

It's nice to pull any autograph from loose packs and while the retired player shown is not exactly the type of guy I'd associate with a 2015 baseball card product - it's a card I can add to my award winners collection, since Horner was the 1978 National League Rookie of the Year.

Pack one
#189 George Brett
#185 Frank Thomas
#47 Mark Trumbo
#91 Dallas Keuchel
#135 Ryan Howard
#130 David Robertson
#23 Hisashi Iwakuma - Elite Series
#4 Dustin Pedroia - Diamond Kings

Pack two
#153 Brandon Belt
#149 Hunter Pence
#54 Nelson Cruz
#101 Albert Pujols
#105 Adrian Gonzalez
#96 James Shields
#39 Byron Buxton - Preferred insert

#172 Edwin Encarnacion - Stat Line parallel serial #'d 259/400

Pack three
#166 Alex Cobb
#69 Alexei Ramirez
#63 Anthony Rizzo
#131 Josh Donaldson
#126 Ichiro
#70 Bob Horner - Signature Series auto serial #'d 18/49
#36 Francisco Lindor - Preferred insert
#7 Johnny Cueto - Diamond Kings insert

Pack four
#176 Bryce Harper
#171 Rougned Odor
#84 Nolan Arenado
#76 Aroldis Chapman
#80 Yan Gomes
#73 Devin Mesoraco
#27 James Loney - Elite Series insert
#206 Adam Wainwright - 1981 Donruss

Thursday, March 26, 2015

2015 Donruss Yasmani Tomas Preferred

I guess I've been on sort of a Donruss kick - the base cards are bland and seem like filler, but the parallels and inserts give the product a little bit of life.

If Tomas plays, he'll have his share of cards, ones that will actually picture him in an Arizona Diamondbacks uniform - but I figured to pick one this VIP Reserved insert, serial #'d to 99, just to put away for now.

There have been rumblings that Tomas isn't going to be a particular great player especially if the Arizona Diamondbacks are insistent he stick at third base - he could have a season like fellow Cuban Jose Abreu in 2014 or might find himself with no immediate place to play, despite his immense power potential.