Monday, October 23, 2017

Featured autograph - Victor Robles

Unfortunately I don't get to see him, but after making his MLB debut this past season, the 20-year old top prospect is set to join the Mesa Solar Sox in the Arizona Fall League - I picked this certified autograph card because Robles is a 'fresh face' to me and I wanted something inked up by him.

FWIW, the sticker autographs ['E R B'] Panini has used for the cards they've made for Robles look different than any other autographs [looks more like 'dismissive' but a little more 'legible' scribble] he has signed for either Topps or Onyx - that sort of gives me pause, but I'll chalk it to the idea Robles is a youngster who was signing autographs as a teenager just a couple of years ago and his penmanship [or lack of it] stick out like a sore thumb.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

1978 TCMA Stars of the 60's I finds

I was out in Arizona on vacation for a week and at an outlet mall near the University of Phoenix Stadium, I stumbled upon a one stop 'pop culture' shop that had comics, sports memorabilia, etc - the set-up looked kind of like a swap meet of sorts and I actually saw they had a trading card 'section' with some showcases, assorted junk wax era / junk boxes, etc.

I saw what looked to be a tub / bin of assorted sports cards and started casually going through them - I'm a guy who can be entertained by rummaging through all this miscellaneous cardboard collecting dust, though I wasn't sure if I'd find anything of interest or if something was going to bite me back.

There were cards still individually priced from 20-25 years ago and I didn't want to ask about any junk cards with no prices] - I spent $2 on what looked to be 1978 TCMA The 1960's San Francisco Giants / California Angels team sets [in loose team set bags].

The Giants 'set' had a Masanori Murakami card on the back and figured picking up the 'set' for the individual Murakami card wasn't the worst buy for a dollar - I'm vaguely aware of TCMA sets but compared to mainstream, original Topps releases, the TCMA produced cards have less appeal to me as strictly collector issues.

After the fact, I looked up a checklist and discovered the Giants 'set' was missing the biggest name [Willie Mays #280] and also another notable [Orlando Cepeda #50] - not a big deal since Murakami was the card I really wanted.

The Angels set [complete unlike the Giants one] looked like it had the remains of a dead insect, but I took the cards out of the team set bag and cleaned the excess debris off with my shirt - the cards looked fine afterwards and after paying for the cards, threw the team set bag away.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

TTM autograph received: Paulo Orlando

I sent a request to the Kansas City Royals outfielder in April and got my card back signed this month - a longtime minor leaguer from Brazil, Orlando has spent parts of the past three seasons in the big leagues, though he got hurt and played in only 39 games in 2017.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

2017 Bowman Platinum fat pack breaks

I hadn't seen these Walmart exclusive cards all year long and I assumed the display box put out in the card section with a set number of fat packs, value boxes and collector's boxes - were either wiped out as soon as they were stocked on the shelvesor just never made it to the few Walmarts I kept hitting up.

People who looked to resell on eBay saw Bowman Platinum as the equivalent of 2017 Bowman Mega Boxes available at Target - especially when the Mega Boxes were pulled due to some undisclosed 'snafu' and were hard to find.

Bowman Platinum are nice looking cards because they are shiny and modern but not quite the definitive product collectors chase year after year - however the Aaron Judge / Cody Bellinger rookie hype drove current year products to new heights as far as demand.

On a random Walmart stop, I finally saw a couple of loose packs - people may have moved on already, but I still hadn't seen this year's cards up close, so I had to get the two lousy packs in my grubby hands.

Pack one
#49 Giancarlo Stanton
#41 Andrew McCutchen
#66 Craig Kimbrel
#40 Jon Lester
#72 Alex Reyes
#62 Reynaldo Lopez

#RR-AJ Aaron Judge - Rookie Radar insert

#TP-BR Blake Rutherford - Exclusive Prospect card
#TP-ZC Zack Collins
#TP-AK Alex Krilloff
#TP-VR Victor Robles

#TP-JJO Jahmai Jones

Pack two
#51 Matt Strahm
#24 Trevor Story
#10 Aledmys Diaz
#48 Freddie Freeman
#15 Gregory Polanco
#53 Nolan Arenado
#RR-JC Jharel Cotton
- Rookie Radar insert
#TP-JJ Joe Jimenez - Exclusive Prospect card
#TP-RR Raudy Read
#TP-FW Forrest Whitley
#TP-KT Kyle Tucker
#TP-MKO Michael Kopech

Thursday, September 28, 2017

TTM autographs received: Mike Krukow

The longtime broadcaster for the San Francisco Giants signed my cards in several months - Krukow's career in the booth with partner Duane Kuiper and dealing with a condition called IBM is detailed in-depth in this ESPN story I stumbled upon through Krukow's page on Wikipedia.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

TTM autographs received: David West

The former big league lefty signed my cards in several months - he had his best run in parts of 4 seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies, where he appeared in 122 games and struck out 217 batters in 251.2 innings.

I guess I knew of him as a rank-and-file guy who pitched through the junk wax era - so he was someone whose cards seemed to always kind of 'just there' through the masses of random baseball cards produced from 1986-1992.

Monday, September 25, 2017

TTM autographs received: Greg Harris

The former MLB pitcher signed my cards in a couple of weeks - besides having a 15 year career, Harris' most notable big league quirk was being able to pitch with both arms.