Saturday, November 28, 2015

2015 Topps Heritage hanger box recap II

I bought this earlier in the year and finally ripped it open - hoping to see some sort of big hit pull or redemption for one

I was in a bored stupor going through these 35 cards - as is, I probably could have left this unopened for a bit longer.

#366 Alex Cobb
#26 Ryan Zimmerman
#306 Rafael Ynoa / Jackson Williams
#411 Ryne Sandberg
#362 Carlos Beltran
#246 Kyle Gibson
#312 Jon Singleton
#278 Mike Morse
#174 Neftali Feliz
#67 Dilson Herrera / Erik Goeddel
#410 Rajai Davis
#158 Trevor Cahill
#135 Conor Gillaspie
#160 Michael Pineda
#467 Paul Goldschmidt - SP
#NAP-18 Troy Tulowitzki - New Age Performers insert
#TN-1 Harmon Killebrew / Nelson Cruz - Then and Now insert
#THC-34 Todd Frazier - Holofoil parallel
#THC-437 Josh Hamilton - Holofoil parallel
#THC-462 Felix Hernandez - Holofoil parallel
#THC-60 Matt Holliday - Holofoil parallel
#THC-477 Ian Desmond - Holofoil parallel
#280 Howie Kendrick
#359 Steve Cishek
#138 Tony Gwynn Jr.
#125 Jon Jay
#389 Shin-Soo Choo
#217 Giancarlo Stanton / Anthony Rizzo / Lucas Duda - National League Home Run Leaders
#262 Huston Street
#140 Aroldis Chapman
#78 Joe Panik
#39 Marcus Stroman
#132 Travis Ishikawa
#194 Nationals 1st Place NL East Division
#341 Terry Collins

Thursday, November 26, 2015

2015 Panini Contenders blaster box 1 of 2

I wanted to see what these cards look like so I picked up a two-box blaster of lot - to mainly pull assorted cards of players drafted this past year.

Because this product is currently $130 per hobby box on Blowout Cards, it may not be a heavily broken down product like Bowman Draft - where there might be hand collated base sets available left and right.

Maybe I'm missing something, but this lot might be a reasonable purchase - especially with two autos [even if they are the $2 variety] per box as sort of a bonus to whatever else I'm going to pull.

The design and images are fairly sharp - as far as player content, in addition to 2015 draftees, there are players from previous drafts, international players and also retired MLB stars / legends who played in college.

Though this product isn't licensed by MLB/MiLB, Panini has an agreement with the Collegiate Licensing Company - so while college baseball isn't followed as strongly as football or basketball, cards of players who came out of college can be tied back with their particular schools.

Pack one

#45 Grayson Long
#39 Drew Smith
#32 Dave Winfield
#23 Yairo Munoz - Passports insert
#24 Brett Lilek - School Colors insert
#23 Aaron Judge - Old School Colors insert

Pack two
#24 Carson Fulmer
#15 Blake Trahan

#5 Alex Bregman
#21 Russell Wilson / Trea Turner - Collegiate Connections insert
#38 Blake Trahan - School Colors insert

#44 Ozzie Smith - Old School Colors insert

Pack three
#95 Tyler Jay
#86 Skye Bolt

#78 Philip Pfeifer
#13 Cody Poteet - Class Reunion insert
#1 Dansby Swanson - School Colors insert
#2 Reggie Jackson - Old School Colors insert

Pack four
#71 Michael Matuella
#49 Ian Happ

#21 Eric Jenkins - autograph; Draft Ticket blue foil parallel
#10 Kevin Newman - Game Day insert

#3 Dillon Tate - School Colors insert
#12 Paul Molitor - OId School Colors insert

Pack five
#44 Garrett Cleaviger
#38 Donnie Dewees

#31 Dansby Swanson
#21 Teoscar Hernandez - Passports insert
#27 Andrew Suarez - School Colors insert
#27 Hunter Dozier - OId School Colors insert

Pack six
#23 Brent Lilek
#14 Barry Larkin

#42 Bryan Hudson - autograph

#19 Aaron Judge / Taylor Ward - Collegiate Connections insert
#6 Carson Fulmer - School Colors insert
#37 Carson Fulmer - OId School Colors insert

Pack seven
#4 Aaron Nola
#94 Tyler Beede
#85 Scott Kingery
#11 Richie Martin - Class Reunion insert
#46 Tate Matheny - School Colors insert
#42 Andrew Suarez - OId School Colors insert

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Topps [1978-present] card run

I finally went through the cards I had for all 30 MLB teams and listed them in a Google Sheets file - this projects seems to be a little tedious because I have to try and make a wantlist for cards I may not be interested in chasing after at the moment, though I do want a showcase of Topps cards for each of the current MLB teams.

The goal is to find a player's card for each team, for each of the years - anything highlighted in red means I need the particular card, anything listed in black is the card I already for the team/year and any blank spaces are spots I still have to figure out with regards to selecting a card.

For whatever reason, I chose 1978 as the starting year for this project since I figure that is already at least 37 years worth of cardboard to pore over - even if I'm not going all the way back through the old-school/vintage Topps years.

While 1978 is the starting point, the plan is find cards for the present year going forward - for as long as I have this itch for this particular project.

One rule for this project is not having a player represented more than three times - as much as I'd like certain players from particular teams represented as much as possible, I want a variety of different players.

Another rule [I may actually about to break starting from 2015] is only using cards from flagship Topps sets - I actually found some 'stragglers' that were part of update sets that I removed.

However, I'm missing a 2015 Houston Astros card and while I can fill it with a random Astros card - I think a 2015 Topps Update Carlos Correa would fit in perfectly.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Featured autographs - Garrett Richards and Sonny Gray

2015 Topps Triple Threads Garrett Richards UAJR-GR - Unity Autograph Jumbo Relics Sepia serial #'d 14/75

2015 Topps Triple Threads Sonny Gray UAJR-SG - Unity Autograph Jumbo Relics Sepia serial #'d 06/75

Certified autograph cards of MLB players seem to be a dime a dozen and within a product like 2015 Topps Triple Threads - maybe there one too many variations of basically the same type of card, with just a different color scheme and serial numbering.

These cards will never be worth more than what I paid for them since they are not considered big hit pulls from the product - however, for about the price of a blaster box, I like the idea I was able to pick up a pair of nice looking cards featuring a couple of pitching aces.

Friday, November 06, 2015

2015 Bowman Chrome Miguel Sano #PP 8

I picked this Prospects Profiles Minis insert up for a dollar because it's shiny and it pictures a guy who had quite a rookie season - the card probably doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but I don't like that it's kind of odd-sized and doesn't quite look like a 'stand alone' card.

I want to say there may have been some novelty in the idea this maybe an early card - but Sano has had at least several years worth of prospect and minor league cards.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Featured autograph - Ryan McMahon

It looks like McMahon has had certified autograph cards since 2013, so this 2015 Bowman Inception card probably just another miscellaneous card - it did catch my eye and I picked it up for $4 since I thought it was a nice looking card serial #'d 17/99.

McMahon appears to be a solid hitting prospect who may get a boost if he gets to play in Colorado - even with Nolan Arenado entrenched at third base, he could probably reach the Major Leagues at some point within the next couple of years.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Collecting projects - and the beat goes on

I've had flings with starting an Angels frankenset, tinkering with my award winners collection and trying to tweak my personal collections list - while I'm not a kid anymore and maybe the hobby of trading cards has been 'over' a long time ago, I'm still thinking up various ways to mess around with my cards.

Other card projects I have on my mind include:

1.) Topps year-to-year card run [1978-present] for each 30 MLB teams - this has been a dormant project for me, though I’d like to go through the cards I have and create a wantlist so I have some cards to chase after like a 1978 Topps Johnny Bench and a 2016 Topps Buster Posey [when next year's cards come out] for their respective team runs.

2.) Collecting topics / mini-collections - I want to be able to list the various mini-collections cards I've picked up this year like this 2014 Topps Chrome Yosmil Pinto [awesome action] as 'yearly achievements' and occasionally account for cards I've picked up from previous years but haven't really bothered to list.

A problem I have is my mini-collections spreadsheet seems to have gotten too bloated to upload to Google Sheets - while I want my mini-collection information in one database, I'm thinking about listing 'prominent' mini-collections in separate 'stand alone' files.

3.) Building up my A-Z singles collection as sort of a refined showcase of sorts - I'd like to list cards that fit my 'A-Z singles' criteria [not quite PC cards, probably more like random pulls and finds that may have some appeal depending on what the player does] and also physically have the cards together in one place as opposed to being scattered around.

Maybe having a collection of 'A-Z singles' is kind of like fantasy sports - where I try to keep up with players' performances to see which guys are hot and not.

4.) Angels Opening Day sets - maybe inspired by at least a card blogger or two, maybe I want to put together a collection of cards featuring Angels opening day lineups.

Maybe my Angels cards are just kind of 'loose' all around - so much like with my frankenset project, maybe a goal is really to use up much of my base and ‘lesser’ insert cards for something relevant.