Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fairfield 250 card cube recap Part 1

I was really looking for 2017 Bowman Mega Box [latest retail gimmick] - but they weren’t on the shelves at the Target I stopped at.

I was going to get a 24-card pack of 2017 Topps Bunt and a 30-card pack of 2017 Donruss - but this changed my mind on the Donruss and for $5 more, I impulsively grabbed one of these repack cubes instead.

I saw these cubes on the shelves on a previous Target trip - I used to open these repacked boxes semi-regularly but I weaned off them because I figured I ran into my share of miscellaneous cards...maybe the repacks to get are the ones at Walgreens, though I don’t go there at all, so I haven’t really been tempted.

I counted out 261 loose cards in the package - not including the ones in the two packs enclosed, which were a 2016 Topps Series I pack and a 2016 Topps Opening Day value pack.

As far as content, I noticed a trend as far as how the repack was put together - you got your junk wax era cards [1986-1992], cards from recent years that might as well be junk wax and then miscellaneous cards.

Your average 'star cards' probably don't mean as much in 2017 as they did 25-30 years ago - but there were some star power in the box, coming from the loose Topps factory team set cards broken down and inserted.

2015 Bowman retail paper autograph of Andrew Triggs [PA-AT] - the first card I stumbled upon was an autograph, though the bottom left and right corners card were dinged.

After bouncing around a couple of organizations, Triggs [I vaguely recall his name from reading USC Trojans baseball box scores] - has improbably pitched pretty good two months into the 2017 season.

2011 Topps Ubaldo Jimenez #270
2013 Topps Chase Utley #26
1987 Fleer Update Mike Loynd #U-67
1987 Fleer Update Herm Winningham #U-130
1989 Fleer Ken Patterson #508
1989 Fleer Paul O’Neill #166
1989 Fleer Jeff Reardon #125
1989 Fleer Dave Concepcion #156
1988 Fleer Tim Wallach #198
1988 Fleer Kevin Bass #440
1988 Fleer Bill Madlock #63
1988 Topps Randy Myers #412
1988 Topps Atlanta Braves 1987 Team Leaders #549 - feat. Perry, Murphy, Griffey Sr. and James
1988 Topps Joe Carter #75
1991 Upper Deck Bob Walk #689
1988 Donruss Jesse Orosco #192
1988 Donruss Steve Sax #176
1991 Score Dave Winfield #83
1989 Topps Ramon Martinez #225
1989 Topps Rafael Belliard #723
1989 Topps Doyle Alexander #77
1991 Upper Deck Felix Fermin #409
2015 Topps factory team set Zack Wheeler #NYM-8
1989 Donruss Tom Lampkin #639
1981 Donruss Rollie Fingers #2
1990 Upper Deck Francisco Cabrera #64
1988 Topps Charlie O’Brien #566
1988 Topps Scott Bradley #762
1989 Topps Mark Salas #384
1989 Topps Steve Balboni #336
2016 Topps NL All-Stars factory team set Zack Greinke #NL-11
2016 Topps NL All-Stars factory team set Yadier Molina #NL-16 
2016 Topps NL All-Stars factory team set Matt Harvey #NL-15
2016 Topps NL All-Stars factory team set Anthony Rizzo #NL-17
2016 Topps NL All-Stars factory team set Paul Goldschmidt #NL-3 
2016 Topps San Diego Padres team card #315
2016 Topps Neftali Feliz #587 
2016 Topps Carlos Martinez #678
2016 Topps Steve Cishek #498
2015 Topps Phil Gosselin #379
2015 Topps Matt Shoemaker #597
2015 Topps Robbie Grossman #629
2015 Topps Chris Taylor #395
2015 Topps Lonnie Chisenhall / checklist #444
2015 Topps Ryan Raburn #473
2015 Topps Christian Vazquez #445
2015 Topps Daniel Descalso #587
2015 Topps Taylor Hill #655
2015 Topps Josmil Pinto #399
2007 Topps Ted Williams #TW26
2006 Topps Albert Pujols #6 of 10 - National Baseball Card Day
2011 Topps League Leaders #124 - feat. Sabathia, Price and Lester
2011 Topps James Shields #311
2015 Topps Cody Asche #420
2015 Topps Skip Schumaker #633
2015 Topps Matt Shoemaker #597
2015 Topps Chase Headley #576
2015 Topps John Danks #524
2015 Topps Koji Uehara #371
2015 Topps Kevin Gausman #619
2015 Topps Logan Morrison #536
2015 Topps Jon Niese #428
2015 Topps Lance Lynn #261
2016 Topps Dallas Keuchel #550
2016 Topps Matt Den Dekker #565
2016 Topps factory team set Kenley Jansen #LAD-13
2016 Topps factory team set Joc Pederson #LAD-3
2016 Topps factory team set Chase Utley #LAD-7
2016 Topps NL All-Stars factory team set Paul Goldschmidt #NL-3
2016 Topps NL-All-Stars factory team set Kris Bryant #NL-5
1989 Topps Randy Bockus #733 
2016 Topps factory team set Andrelton Simmons #A-4
1989 Topps Mike Smithson #377
1989 Topps Randy St. Claire #666
1988 Topps Jose De Leon #634
1988 Topps Darrel Akerfelds #82
1990 Upper Deck Craig Worthington #444
1988 Score Bill Dawley #328
1990 Upper Deck Jamie Moyer #619
1989 Fleer Paul Molitor #193
1986 Topps Rick Waits #614
1989 Topps Wes Gardner #526
1989 Topps Candy Sierra #711
1989 Topps Charlie Hough #345
1987 Fleer Glossy David Palmer #525
1987 Fleer Glossy Magic Mets #629 - feat. Carter, Fernandez, Gooden, Hernandez and Strawberry
1991 Fleer Kirk McCaskill #319 
1987 Topps Manny Lee #574
1988 Topps Greg Minton #129
1988 Topps Jose Nunez #28
1988 Topps Dave Smith #520
1988 Fleer Kevin Seitzer #270
1989 Fleer Shawn Hillegas #498
1989 Fleer Bill Long #501
1988 Fleer Bob McClure #189
1988 Fleer Sammy Stewart #616
1988 Fleer Juan Agosto #437
1988 Fleer Paul Noce #428
1987 Topps Bo Jackson #170
2006 Fleer Ryan Zimmerman #228
2011 Topps League Leaders #109 - feat. Hamilton, Cabrera and Mauer
2011 Topps League Leaders #306 - feat. Cabrera, Rodriguez and Bautista
2011 Topps Gio Gonzalez #30
2011 Topps League Leaders #124 - feat. Sabathia / Price and Lester
2006 Fleer Danny Sandoval #264
2006 Fleer Craig Hansen #304

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 16

"A card of a player whom you appreciate but don't like."

Kershaw lives a charmed life as the best pitcher in baseball, but aside from what he does in front of the cameras, I feel like he gives off a vibe where he's just too good for everyone - as is, Kershaw is such world beater on the field, it might be 'fun' to watch him deal with not being able to come through, to struggle and be human once in a while.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 15

"One of your favorite cards from the 2010s."

2010 Topps Pro Debut Mike Trout #181 - as an Angels fan, a favorite card from this decade needed to picture the best player in the game, six years running.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 14

"One of your favorite cards from the 2000s."

2001 Upper Deck Darin Erstad #46 - this was one of those cards that gave a snapshot of what a player was like.

Erstad, the No. 1 overall pick in 1995, had a reputation as a gamer - his batting stats weren't overwhelming except for 2000, where he racked up 240 hits and had a .355 batting average, but I always thought he was a tough out who grinded out at-bats.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 13

"One of your favorite cards from the 1990s."

1993 Upper Deck SP Ken Griffey Jr. #4 - the card holds some allure because it seemed natural to associate Griffey Jr. with the baseball card company that had a part in introducing the phenom to the hobby in 1989.

Because Griffey Jr. was one of UD's marquee athletes, I assume the company took more time in selecting an image that would pop - I do wonder how this image of Griffey Jr. leaping up in the air, trying to make an over the shoulder catch came to be.

Because UD SP was such a high-end product, it wasn't like I was able to go into a Target or Toys "R" Us and pick up loose packs - I want to say I finally picked up the Griffey Jr. years after the card came out, though I'd have to check where it is.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

TTM autographs received: Cris Carpenter

Carpenter signed my cards in about two weeks c/o the high school he teaches at in Georgia - because he played in the junk wax era, I was superficially aware of him as a relief pitcher who spent most of his 8-year big league career with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 12

"One of your favorite cards from the 1980s."

1987 Classic Update Yellow Travel Edition Andre Dawson #124 - I like how the intense, scary image of Dawson beaned by a baseball was re-used from a Sports Illustrated cover the same year the card was printed.

Other cards I considered included:

1989 Donruss Ken Griffey Jr. #33 - for me, this rookie card likely the spurred me to chase the hot rookies because of their perceived value, according to what some price guide listed; even though it wasn't really the Griffey Jr. rookie card to have, it was the first one I had access to.

1987 Donruss Will Clark #66 - I love the confident smile Clark has on this card.

1987 Donruss Greg Maddux #36 - in addition to capturing an image of a youthful Maddux, the subtle colors coming together between the uniform colors and the card's design, makes this junk wax era rookie quite nice.

1989 Upper Deck Jim Abbott #755 - looking back, there was something about Abbott being a rookie phenom [born without a right hand, jumped to the major leagues without playing in the minors] and the multiple exposure effect UD used, to make this card pop.

1984 Fleer Glenn Hubbard #182 - the boa constrictor card.

1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. #1 - has to be on everyone's list.

1989 Fleer Billy Ripken #616 - FF error - is this the most infamous baseball card over the past 25-30 years?

1981 Fleer Mike Ramsey #549 - ?