Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Card show on a budget
What are your priorities at the card show, when you only have $10 and change to spend during your time?

If you can, you want to spend $4-$6 on one card [game used/autograph] of a fan favorite or prospect for example. Still, at a card show, it is hard to find something cheap and good when there are only a limited number of booths with so-called bargain bins you can sift through.

Also the price is usually a few bucks more than you’d be willing to pay on cards that are basically given away. If it there was a particular card you wanted, you may pay a small premium [if you consider the plight of the guy at the booth], but usually there is usually nothing compelling about many cards that you may see.

You maybe better of saving that $4-$6 to spend on collecting supplies such as plastic sheets, boxes, top loaders, et al. Maybe a few packs of cards as well.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, you end up settling for cheaper ‘fence busters’ found in the $1 and under bin. That maybe fun, but you need to be careful that what you pick up isn’t getting even more redundant because of the sheer number of cards you already have at home.

You have to be creative, knowing that when you have a nickel-and-dime budget, you aren’t going to pick something that is going to be particularly valuable – just something to bide your time.

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