Sunday, December 04, 2005

Imromptu card show trip

Bought a Casey Kotchman unlicensed head shot 8x10 photo for a $1.50 each - I wasn't paying attention at all and I didn't realize it was kind of mangled up. I guess there goes my $1.50 in the trash...also bought a Paul Konerko 1998 Studio 8x10 card for $1.50 as well - I guess the Konerko was in a little better shape.

There was booth with a guy selling wax...Bought a pack of top-loaders for $1...I was biding my time, knowing that I kind of hate to spend [my own] money, but had to pay the piper every so often [even as I have other items I'd like]. I impulsively tried my luck, even though I think I'd rather buy random retail packs, than from a card show booth [no matter how well the booth's display looks].

2005 Topps Update [x3/$4.50 total] - a handful of base cards including those featuring young players that I can get an get signed if I so desired. Three of them included Ricky Romero [Toronto Blue Jays/CSUF], Andrew McCutchen [Pittsburgh Pirates] and Cliff Pennington [Oakland Athletics].

I also got a Barry Bonds home run insert [HR #571].

2005 Bowman Draft [x3/$9 total] - I was hoping for something decent, but not expecting much. I did get a 'dreaded' Signs of the Future auto [of Angel Guzman - Chicago Cubs].

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