Friday, February 03, 2006

Mail Days
A 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot B.J. Upton autograph card [$7.99 plus $2.50 s/h on Ebay] arrived today while a 2005 Bowman Draft set [$12.00 BIN plus $3.00 s/h on Ebay] and a 2005 Topps Update Chris Young [not the 2005 Futures Game subset] gold card numbered to 2005 [$2.99 plus $1.50 s/h off Ebay] arrived on Thursday.

I remember last month, wanting to spend so much time later into the night, the early next morning [1/10/06] just looking for another certified Upton autograph that I had purchased. I ended up finding it in a random bubble mailer that I use for storing various cards.

I think he is going to be a star though and I wanted a Sweet Spot Signatures autograph insert of Upton. Unfortunately, the card I received was crammed into a semi-rigid card holder and it has a nicked corner with a little paper loss. I'm not sending this back to UD - I lost a 2004 Sweet Spot Signatures autograph insert of Delmon Young because I felt I needed to send it back to Upper Deck because it was damaged a little bit. So far, I have not received it back...

The image of the Upton is from the Ebay auction I won.

Picking up the 2005 Bowman Draft set ended up to be pretty good - shipping was only the price of a single card [$3] as opposed $5 or more [and the actual amount the set was shipped for was $5.33].

It came with a 2005 Bowman Draft AFLAC redemption and the seller also included bonus fillers cards consisting of 2005 Bowman Draft gold. Out of the blue, I was possibly looking for Andrew McCutchen, D.J. Houlton, Cesar Ramos and Travis Buck cards and all four were among the bonus filler cards...

Picking up a card of Young was pretty expensive [close to $5 shipped], but I think his Topps Update card was a rookie card and a rookie-year card [confused?] may be a 'prudent, low-end' purchase for the near future [if he develops into a star].

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