Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My Angels postseason post

As a fan, I'm watching the Angels with a sense of renewed optimism, even though it seems like I'm more cautiously optimistic than confident - in the last several years, the team I root for through 162 games in the regular season hasn't had much luck with the Boston Red Sox during the playoffs.

It seems like for the Angels pitchers, the strike zone gets tighter and as a group - the Angels staff has to work twice as hard to get outs.

Hopefully someone like Scott Kazmir can give the team the shot in the arm - his acquisition was an under-the-radar move, that might prove to be the biggest deal this past year.

He is young, a lefty and throws real hard - what more can I ask for?

Of course, the guys starting ahead of him against the Red Sox aren't too shabby either - John Lackey and Jered Weaver.

Besides the pitching - the Angels hitters can't be wiffing at air or looking at strike three. They obviously have to find ways to consistently put runs on the board, even better if they can do it while showing some power.

At point during the season, nearly [if not all] the Angels' starting nine - was hitting .300 for the year. The Angels need guys coming up with the big hits and if at all means possible, blow the Red Sox pitchers out of the water before they even have a chance to score one run.

Will the Angels get the best of the Red Sox this time around [?] - who really knows, but then I'll be watching, just like the rest of the hopeful Halo fans.

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