Friday, February 05, 2010

2010 Topps Series 1 blaster box break - packs one through four

2010 Topps Series 1 blaster box [eight packs plus two Throwback packs with an old-school Topps logo and non-color grey stock backs] - I like the fact there is at least one insert in each pack, though it is merely a small consolation prize, like something out of a Cracker Jack box. 

Pack one
#278 Carlos Delgado
#255 Chris Davis
#54 John Lacknuts [Lackey]

#296 Braves team card
#CMT 53 Alfonso Soriano - The Cards Your Mom Threw Out insert; 2004 Topps.
#PP-15 Alex Rodriguez - Peak Performance insert
#FCTT3 Hanley Ramirez - Topps Town insert [gold]
#320 Brian McCann

Pack two
#52 Billy Butler
#122 Carlos Ruiz

#137 Oakland Athletics franchise history - featuring Rickey Henderson
#33 Adam Moore
#HOTG 14 History of the Game - First Hall of Fame Class Inducted
#TMC-3 Million Card Giveaway - I assume this is a redemption card and not just an information card, though I could be wrong.

Here is how I see this promotion - I redeem the card online to find a 1986 Topps Brett Saberhagen, 1988 Topps Mark Gubicza or a 1991 Topps Jerry Don Gleaton. It is not actually going to be in-hand, though for a fee, the actual card will be shipped to me.

#TT8 Zack Greinke - Topps Town insert
#239 Juan Uribe

Pack three
#330 Brandon Allen
#191 Mat Latos

#TOG-23 Manny Ramirez - Tales of the Game insert
#LL 13 Reggie Jackson/Adam Dunn - Legendary Lineage insert
#TT22 Andrew McCutchen - Topps Town insert
#229 Daniel McCutchen
#166 Eric Byrnes
#285 Kurt Suzuki

Pack four
#109 Justin Masterson
#220 Randy Johnson

#106 NL ERA Leaders - Carpenter, Lincecum, Jurrjens
#CMT 32 Ryne Sandberg - The Cards Your Mom Threw Out insert; 1983 Topps.
#TR 27 Edwin Jackson - Turkey Red insert
#TT14 Albert Pujols - Topps Town insert
#47 Brad Penny
#125 Ichiro

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