Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cal Ripken Jr. memorabilia display scam?

I found this scan of a Cal Ripken Jr. framed memorabilia display and while I assumed the scraps of jersey / ball / base material were otherwise 'game used' in a Major League game - the 'Authentic Ball' material features the logo of an official league baseball instead of an official Major League Baseball.

I think these displays [more like cheap cardboard mattes with a random trading card affixed along with the 'memorabilia' pieces] are sold with repacks at various retail stores for about $10 - maybe in a couple of various baseball card / sports card forum threads, I've read various discussions about the authenticity of the scraps of jersey / ball / base material.

Seeing the Cal Ripken Jr. display makes me chuckle a little bit - something is clearly fishy with these things.

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