Friday, February 17, 2012

Autograph request through the mail received: Julian Javier

Very intermittent and inconsistent WiFi and access to Internet cafes during a three week vacation to the Philippines had sort of allowed me be updated on baseball card stuff like 2012 Topps having come out - though without the ability to go to a store to see what the cards look like themselves.

During some down time abroad, I started to list my personal collection cards - I worked on initial lists of Top 30 PC cards, Top 30 Alternate PC cards and a Top 50 'Fun' PC, to sort of see how many I can name without having the cards in-hand.

After signing up and adding $65 to my account, I was also 'playing' with Check Out My Cards - I purchased about 15 cards through the last three weeks and through the folly of their s/h handling charges, had all but one shipped to me under their bulk shipping option.

While I was hoping, I wasn't really counting on getting the cards when I got back to California Wednesday afternoon - the only thing of note I found in the stacks of mail at home was a success from former Major Leaguer Julian Javier.

I mailed this request with two $0.64 stamps, hoping it reached Javier - the man is 75 years old and living in the Dominican Republic, where mail delivery has a supposedly sketchy reputation.

I sent $3 with my request about a month ago, hoping it would be enough
- my card was actually returned signed in blue ink and I was pretty happy with how it came out.

I think I sent the equivalent of 116 Dominican pesos
- so I assume it was much more than enough to buy postage [which according to Google was only about $0.52] to send my card back.

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