Sunday, August 21, 2011

Card shop trip yields modest finds for about $5

My friend and stopped at a card shop I haven't been at in about two years and I spent $4.75 on 24 cards - what does someone think when I spend an hour lingering at their 'card shoppe' and spend just about $5 on random cards?

I'm not a big box breaker or a guy who usually picks up various singles but there is a seemingly a higher premium for both at this shop - so there has never been a real incentive to make an impulsive purchase.

However, there is a good selection of monster boxes [mainly sorted by year / brand] to dig through, including the '5 for $1' boxes featuring rookies / prospects - so maybe I could take home a little 'grab bag' of cards.

I actually started with what looks to be a 3,200 box with a row of common baseball inserts - I want to look for various inserts just for the possibility there maybe some nice, if not particularly valuable keepers.


1.) 2008 Bowman Chrome Garret Anderson #125 Gold refractor serial #'d 24/50
2.) 2008 Topps Chrome Torii Hunter #114 Copper parallel serial #'d 115/599

3.) 2005 Topps Updates and Highlights Bobby Cox #UH 172 Gold parallel serial #'d 1513/2005
4.) 2009 Topps Dusty Baker #154 Gold parallel serial #'d 0507/2009

5.) 2007 Bowman Chrome Michael Young #72 refractor parallel
6.) 1998 Upper Deck Rookie Edition Preview Todd Helton #4 of 10

Various rookies / prospects box

1.) 2000 Topps Gold Label Scott Downs RC #99 - I thought this was a nice find since I wouldn't go out of my way to look for any of his cards to be autographed. Even though he maybe the Angels most effective reliever, he may have hurt himself again...
2.) 2009 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Jake Marisnick #39 - I have this 'draft pick' card already, but Marisnick has enjoyed a breakout year in the minors.
3.) 2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects Luis Jimenez #BCP 22 x2 - not a super prospect but someone who has steadily battled up the minor league ranks and may earn a September call-up.
4.) 2009 Bowman Prospects Michael Stutes #BP 62, 2009 Bowman Draft Gold D.J. Le Mahieu #BDPP27 and 2010 Bowman Platinum Trevor Plouffe #77 - random cards of three players who have been 2011 MLB rookies.
5.) 2011 Upper Deck World of Sports Stephen Fife #153 - he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers from the Boston Red Sox and this unlicensed card is another I maybe able to get signed, if he gets to the Major Leagues.

6.) 1988 Topps Traded Robin Ventura RC #124T - this card is probably worth a nickel these days, but sometimes the nostalgia of growing up as a baseball fan through the 1990s kicks in and Ventura was one of the better players at the time. About 20 years ago, this card may have been known as an 'XRC' in a Beckett though various trading card designations in a price guide have faded away over time.

7.) 1989 Upper Deck Roberto Alomar #471 - I prefer this second year card of the Hall of Fame second baseman, over his various 'rookie issues' released in 1988, though it is probably worth a nickel like the Ventura card.
8.) 2006 Topps Allen and Ginter Josh Willingham #256, 2006 Topps Allen and Ginter Anderson Hernandez #263 and 2006 Topps Turkey Red Melky Cabrera #627 - random 'setters' I probably didn't have and probably wouldn't have bothered looking for unless I stumbled upon them.

9.) 1996 Fleer Update Tony Batista RC #U70, 1996 Fleer Flair Tony Batista RC #141 and 1996 Fleer Update Chris Singleton RC #209 - an old friend of mine 10-12 years ago used to hoard all sorts of cards and maybe I'd be a little jealous he would dig out these types of cards. I actually remember when these Batista [and his goofy stance] and Singleton [now an 'analyst' for ESPN] had their breakout seasons in the late 1990s-early 2000s and just maybe their rookie cards were something to chase for maybe half a season or so.

10.) 2009 Bowman Prospects Wilin Rosario #BP 58 and 2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects Maikel Cleto #BCP 155 - a couple of prospects working their way through the minors.

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Dennis said...

Hey, I have a huge stack of Angels (base and inserts) and maybe a few hits including a Torii Hunter Topps Manupatch that I wouldn't mind trading--any interest in making a deal? I don't have your email so I figured I could contact you this way. My interests are here: