Monday, June 18, 2012

My autograph day - three distinguished, but random baseball guys

I decided to see what was going on with the in-person graphing scene since [as a baseball autograph collector] it's been a dry spell for me the last couple of weeks - I went to Angel Stadium and was able to get three guys before Sunday's day game, until leaving early to go to my sister's house for Father's Day lunch.

Mike Scioscia (1) - I got him to sign a 1991 Score card I probably should have gotten inked up two weeks ago; missed out on the Arizona Diamondbacks players [and some of their notable coaches like Matt Williams and Alan Trammell] while waiting for Angels to drive in.

Eric Young 1/2 - they were the same 2000 Topps card, so he maybe 'no dupes' or his limit is one.

Don Baylor (1) - I like how his autograph looked on the 1982 K-Mart card, though I wish I had an original Topps card for him to sign, even though I've gotten him at least several times in the past 10 years.

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