Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vernon Wells oddball card

I ended up going to the Arizona Fall League for a week to get myself autographs of prospects and some other minor league players - I picked this oddball card of Vernon Wells as part of an league promotion to honor an AFL 20th Anniversary Top 20 team.

The card stock is very thin and not as 'durable' as a regular card would be - I don't really care for cards like these because I don't see them as trading cards [they are little larger than a normal card] and more like fliers to throw away.

The oversized cards I ended up with are Wells, Sean Casey, Todd Helton and Jermaine Dye - it looks as if I got the 'meh' part of the giveaway promotion but oh well.


The Angels In Order said...

I dig that kinda stuff with Angels on it. Nice pickup.

Unknown said...

Are you interested in selling any of the Arizona Fall League cards?

Laurens said...

No, I'm not even sure where the cards are now.