Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2012 Topps Allen and Ginter's complete set

After trying to put together a partial set through quarter boxes in 2012 - I broke down to pick up a full set with short prints [1-350] for about the price of two blaster boxes.

Even though I'm now stuck with a bunch of doubles - having the full base set in-hand gives me peace of mind as far as cards to try and get inked up.

Realistically, I might get something like 100/350 cards signed in the first couple of years - then the progress dwindles; for some players I've seemingly had an entire run of Ginter [2006-2012] cards without getting a lone one signed and I haven't really even paid attention much to the 'other' subjects.

I guess my rule of thumb for getting autograph sets isn't to aim for completion but to get as many of the cards signed - so I have one main set to focus on instead of random cards, and then have a 'snapshot' of signed cards so I have some feeling of accomplishment.

At times I wish I could take a set of unsigned cards and put them in a binder for display purposes - however, these cards are going through my 'chop shop' where I separate the revelant cards [active baseball subjects] from the cards I don't particularly need or can't use during a particular MLB season [non-sport or other sport subjects, any retired baseball players who are deceased or any retired living baseball players charge at least $50 or more to sign].

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