Sunday, May 26, 2013

Collecting topics focus No. 1 - the facial hair guys

I'm not prone to collect baseball cards [except to try and get autographed], but I still like flipping through all sorts of cards, especially with a unique focus - in recent years other collectors / card bloggers have been more proficient in hoarding and showcasing a variety of baseball cards that showcase a unique, sometimes quirky view of the game through baseball card images.

If I feel a little behind on all things related to actual baseball card collecting, I like the idea I can still build up my collecting topics collection - even though right now I'm trying to focus on only cards of players / coaches with facial hair.

This means for an indefinite period of time, I'm basically keeping an eye out for facial hair cards I've added this year - as well as trying to figure out if I have 100 percent of the cards listed in my database in-hand.

Once I figure out how to keep all the facial hair cards I have together - then I'll move into another collecting topic to swim in for a while.

My official position as far as cards out I don't have in my collection is I don't have to have them all - but I'd like to be able to discover and add 'new' cards here through pack breaks, quarter box digs, et al.

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