Monday, October 28, 2013

Featured autograph - Mark Davis

Like Carmelo Martinez in the previous post, I remember Davis mostly through the junk wax cards I found - Davis seemed to be a little more notable because he and Storm Davis were kind of highlighted in the 1990 Sports Illustrated baseball preview issue I remember reading once upon a time.

Neither key free agent signing were really as good as their superficial numbers from the previous seasons [before they signed with the Kansas City Royals] suggested and both flopped - I don't know what their on the field failures truly meant to me, except perhaps groaning a little more when I came across their cards.

I was able to get my cards signed by Davis [currently a coach in the Royals minor league system] at Royals instructional league camp this year - he was accomodating and I asked him to inscribe the card shown with a 'Cy Young' notation, since I felt it was the only appropriate card I had.

If I had my eyes peeled, I could have gotten Storm too, who is a coach in the Chicago Cubs minor league system - I had several cards for him as well ready to be inked up in case I saw him at Cubs' instructional league camp.

As an in-person autograph collector, I don't get more daps by get 'extra guys' like Davis - but it's sometimes fun to be a nerd, finding out which MLB organizations have former MLB players coaching and rounding up cards to try and be autographed in-person.

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