Monday, February 17, 2014

Vintage / old school miscellany

I'm not really familiar with vintage / old school cards so I'd rather not get caught up in digging through vg-ex beaters featuring rank-and-file players - still, holding cardboard 'relics' that maybe 40-50 years old is pretty neat and maybe gives me a peek into the past.

Vintage dollar box

1960 Topps Gene Conley #293 - also was an NBA player, so this card goes into my two-sports stars collection, which consists of cards featuring athletes who may have been notable enough to play professional sports [mainly baseball] and in at least one other sport.

1960 Topps Don Mossi #418 - with his signature good looks, everyone knows about Don Mossi even if they were oblivious of his playing career.
1964 Topps Ray Sadecki #147 - I saw this card online 'years ago' and I laughed...

1964 Topps Mike Shannon / Harry Fanok #262

Vintage / old school [1970's] quarter box
1975 Topps Brent Strom #643

1976 Topps Hal McRae #72 - love the nice, warm hearty laugh on this card of McRae.

1976 Topps Johnny Briggs #373 - contrasting with the morose 'non-expression' Briggs gives on this card.
1977 Topps Brent Strom #348

1977 Topps Mike Miley #387 - another two-sport star, his life was cut short, after spending parts of two seasons with the California Angels.
1977 Topps Burt Hooton #484
1978 Topps Brent Strom #509

2011 Topps Allen and Ginter Cody Ross #312 - I picked up a partial lot of 2011 Topps Allen and Ginter short prints for about $7 several years ago, though Ross wasn't one of the cards included.

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Fuji said...

Great pickups. It'd be interesting to see what percentage of baseball card bloggers own a Don Mossi card. I know I have a couple sitting in my vintage card binder.