Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014 Topps Heritage Minors Manny Ramirez

Seeing this 42-year old 'non prospect' appear in this year's Topps Heritage Minors set makes me shake my head - I try to get cards from the minor league version of the Topps Heritage set signed in-person and this one is just not going to get ink on it anytime soon.

As is, I guess it's kind of a novelty to see him in a 2014 set of cards - even though I probably have at least 30-40 cards of him from his MLB playing days and could have done without another one.

Despite his monster career totals, his immaturity, boorishness, PED use and a handful of other goofs will probably make him a hard sell for the Hall of Fame - still he must be playing for love the game because he has to realize he is SOL if he looks to get back to the major leagues.


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He signed it for me.