Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sorting - collecting topics and inserts

I get self-conscious about collecting when it's mostly a solitary activity for me to hoard cardboard - I have to find ways to keep baseball cards a 'thing' so I can kind of feel like I still have some sort of purpose and not just some kook.

For the last couple of weeks, I've tended to my 25-30 mini-collections - that means hunkering down, listing my 2015 adds in my collecting topics / mini-collections database as well as listing cards I've pruned from my A-Z archives of commons.

I really wonder why I care about a countless number of commons and/or base cards - it's fun when I could occasionally flip through a grouping of cards and see a theme that has me amused.

As my latest batch of collecting topics cards are listed [and sort of put away in temporary boxes], my focus will shift through my loose inserts - several years ago, I started to list my inserts in a spreadsheet and put them away in binders.

I lost interest over the few years as cards piled up all over the place - as is, I've busted open the box of plastic sheets I bought two or three years ago to restart the process of putting inserts away.

I need to make sure that most inserts [parallels, oddball issues, etc] are accounted for - even if organizing them really just means they are in a binder somewhere.

Maybe I'd really like to figure out things about my spreadsheet - discover forgotten cards, try to sort cards by team to perhaps serve as trade bait and see if I can generate 10-15 trades by posting a listing of cards by teams.

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