Monday, September 28, 2015

The Angels, In Order mail call

I want to say thank you to Tom at The Angels, In Order blog for a 16-card 'boost' to my frankenset - maybe the project has actually slowed down as I figure out where I'm at, so it's nice to knock out some of the miscellaneous cards I didn't want try too hard to seek out at the moment.

196 1972 Topps Mel Queen

238 2003 Topps Heritage Orlando Palmeiro

304 1985 Fleer Tommy John
316 1985 Fleer Mike Witt
376 1970 Topps Lefty Phillips

378 2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Brian Fuentes

399 1993 Leaf Luis Polonia 
419 1972 Topps Jim Spencer 
424 1979 Topps Angels team card 
449 1974 Topps Tommy McCraw
459 1976 Topps Jim Brewer 
461 2009 Topps Mike Scioscia
465 1985 Topps Bobby Grich 

466 1982 Fleer Jesse Jefferson 

494 2009 Topps Gary Matthews 
500 1988 Fleer Donnie Moore 

Two other cards were not actually frankenset needs - I'll find a spot for them though.

1995 Score Chili Davis #14
1976 Topps Ed Figueroa #27
- I had a 1976 Topps Figueroa card marked as a 'need,' but looking through my wantlist, the card I needed was a 1975 Topps.

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The Angels In Order said...

Glad you can use them. And thanks for properly using the comma in my title, it gets overlooked quite often!