Monday, November 02, 2015

World Series champs Kansas City Royals

I wouldn't have thought Christian Colon would get the opportunity to come through and get game-winning hit to lead the Kansas City Royals to their first championship since 1985 - even though Colon had been obscured as a utility guy, I guess it should be no surprise since he's just another valuable cog the Royals were able to trot out.

Though I probably wanted the New York Mets to stretch out the World Series to at least a Game 6 - the Royals were relentless and were not going to be denied, while the Mets kind of just ran out of magic.

Though I take no particular interest with the Royals, in the aftermath of their accomplishments in 2015 - it's kind of fun searching for what was written in the last five years when it came mocking and/or deriding the organization's apparent non-commitment to building a winning franchise.

Maybe with the Royals getting to the World Series in 2014, some of the doubt from the baseball pundits kind of went by the wayside - however it's much more interesting to read some of the doom and gloom now, with the Royals actually winning a championship, rather than when they fell short of their run last year.

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