Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Featured autograph - Randy Ready

I got five cards [all MLB authenticated for what it's worth] signed by the former utility player and longtime coach at the MLB All-Star Fan Fest - Ready played in the middle of the junk wax era so even as a rank-and-file player, he had a lot of cards made.

Maybe my favorite card was this 1984 Topps Traded 'XRC' - I probably dated myself with 'XRC' reference but I think that's what you called the first cards of players included in late season update sets as opposed to just referring to them as rookie cards [that were supposed to come from a nationally distributed card set].

Topps used a cleaner, thinner card stock for the traded set - the backs are brighter as opposed regular 1984 Topps cards.

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Bo said...

Ready just got hurt in a big minor league brawl.