Sunday, February 12, 2017

Card shop finds - the most random nine

Most of my 'pocket change' has been spent towards picking up magnetic card holders to upgrade storage for many of the individual cards in my PCs - I can only use top loaders and semi-rigids from 1999 for so long.

As is, I haven't really bothered to rummage through the cards in the quarter bins of my LCS - I have this ritual with these loose cards where I may grab a brick of them to start off with, but have to sort them out to where I only get so many cards.

2017 Topps Alex Reyes #103 - he’s had his share of prospect cards, but this is his Topps flagship MLB RC logo card.

2017 Topps Matt Strahm #274 - there are only so many players I end up hearing about, if they are more under the radar guys, than prospects hyped up by all sorts of experts.

2017 Topps Brandon Guyer #312 - Gold parallel serial #’d 0788/2017

2017 Topps Seth Lugo #319 - vaguely heard of him; he was brutal in AAA Las Vegas in 2016, but then gave the New York Mets a shot in the arm after he first got called up.

2015-16 Upper Deck SP Authentic hockey Doug Gilmour #137 - I’m not a hockey card collector but I like cards with these types of images.

1991 Upper Deck football Esera Tuaolo #635 - I found this in some random Green Bay Packers box in the store and thought wasn’t this guy a packer of a different sort?

I knew I was vaguely aware of him as a guy who did come out - so for a time his story was interesting post NFL career.

2016 Topps Heritage High Tim Lincecum #631 - he’s signing autographs here, though the image is cropped so that act is obscured...probably goes into my 'players wearing shades' mini-collection.

It's not like Lincecum lost his mojo overnight, but his comeback attempt with the Angels in 2016 was an absolute failure - after being such a dazzling pitcher in his prime, it's hard to imagine the reality of Lincecum being a has-been, relative to all his big league accomplishments.

2016 Topps Update Series Junior Guerra #US124 - I found this card on a stack in one of the back counter of the LCS; I feel like it's my duty to pick up at least one card of a player I've never heard of before, even if I may not hear from them ever again.

Guerra was a journeyman minor leaguer who finally made his big league debut at 30 in 2015 - however he started 20 games for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2016 and struck out 100 batters in 121.2 innings pitched while allowing only 94 hits.

2012 Topps football Nick Barnett #174 - this maybe the last card that I may have ever thought about picking up, but isn't that something where it looks like he is wearing some fangs.

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