Monday, January 01, 2018

A one post 2017 recap - my regional PCs

I have a yearly set of collecting goals I've kept offline since I think it gets too long winded to fully go through on a blog - one of the goals I wanted to focus on was this reboot of my Angels collection.

A.) Put together a list of Top 31-50 PC cards of my Angels collection in my Top 50 common PC - I wanted to see if things could come together as far as having a group of PC cards that I could add to in various ways.

#32 Group Mike Trout 
#33 Group Tim Salmon 
#34 Group Garret Anderson 
#35 Group Torii Hunter
#36 Group Vladimir Guerrero

#37 Group Angels PSA sampler run [1961-1980] 
#40 Group Troy Glaus group
#41 Group Jered Weaver 
#42 Group Garrett Richards 
#43 Group Kole Calhoun 
#48 Group graded rookie cards 

FYI, a group collection is basically a way to put together cards [of one player and/or one card type] as one ranking in my personal collection - I was able to put together a bunch of PC cards together, now I can kind of build on what I’ve listed, tweak rankings, etc.

B.) Build up an A-Z singles collection for the majority of my cards - listed in a database, sleeved and stored in a box.

  • My main A-Z singles collection will consist of miscellaneous team related cards I end up with - while a separate A-Z singles collection will be for selected players and notable cards.
  • In a given year, I'd like to pick up 10-15 first-year Angel certified autographs, corresponding parallels or other parallel cards to put in my A-Z singles collection - I need to look at upcoming product checklists and consider players that are listed as Angels.
This is a work in progress, where no tangible set-up is put together as I try to figure out what exactly goes into my A-Z singles collections - the distinction between having an A-Z collection that is more of an archive, a catch all for irrelevant and cumbersome slabbed cards of one-time Angels prospects and an A-Z collection that is more refined for selected notable players and notable cards.

Building up the A-Z singles collection with first-year certified autographs, corresponding parallels or others parallel cards - is something I've 'dabbled in' at best and always a work in progress.

C.) Account for loose Angels cards - my goal is to have binders of random Angels cards as 'jukeboxes' of sorts; cards that go into this collection should be listed in a database [except for my binder stars cards].

  • Maintain a collection of ‘binder stars,’ featuring selected players like - Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Nolan Ryan, Rod Carew, Reggie Jackson, Vladimir Guerrero, Tim Salmon, Torii Hunter, Garret Anderson, Jered Weaver, Jim Edmonds, Garrett Richards, Kole Calhoun, etc. 
  • Continue to work on my frankenset, maybe a frankenset update [finding cards #'d 500 and up], an Opening Day lineup set - any displays in binders will have to wait depending on whether I’m close or have completed a particular project.
  • Timeline - 2015 - Frankenset, 2016 - Frankenset update [500+; pull cards aside, officially start when finished with original Frankenset], Angels Opening Day lineups and 'shoebox collection,' which should be the odds and ends left over, 2017 - PC, A-Z collection ‘revamp,’ binder stars and inserts. 

What does my goal to have binders of random Angels cards as 'jukeboxes' of sorts mean [?] - I think it means my frankenset / Opening Day lineup as opposed to just loose cards from my team boxes.

Binder stars are a work in progress - I don’t know how to account for guys who’ve been bigger stars for other teams - maybe leave them as is as binder stars or perhaps only have their Angels cards displayed; guys who were primarily [home grown] Angels who starred for a significant number of years for the team maybe whose cards I’d include.

It's kind of sad, but after starting it several years ago, my frankenset seems pretty much in mothballs [the cards are still intact, sleeved and boxes, but I haven't added to it] - a frankenset update is still floating out there [though more as an unofficial thing] and an Opening Day lineup collection is a work in progress.

D.) All-time Angels autograph collection - see if I can count out about 200 different autographs and list them in a Google Sheets file. 

  • Scrounge around for random autographs I might have - account for non-card autographs.
  • Use a wantlist to list any names I need - not the collection of random cards for guys who played for the team at one point; the ‘physical collection’ is just a snapshot of players I still need.
  • Add new ones as I can [certified, maybe uncertified and occasional in-person] - trading cards are the easiest to store in any sort of quantity so for most of the ‘rank and file’ names, that what the autographs are on.
  • I’m not going to get them all so maybe settle on a number goal [200] - focus on picking up team Hall of Famers, actual Hall of Famers, stat leaders, award winners, postseason teams, starting lineups, etc.
I think I’ve been able to count out about 200 different autographs - but the work listing out those 200 different is something I haven’t fully committed at different times of the year.

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