Monday, July 23, 2018

Nations mini-collection - a visual guide

With leftover plastic pages, I wanted to display some of my favorite and/or priority mini-collections in a sampler of sorts - I want to have a binder to flip through featuring my mini-collections.

When I get the urge to get a new box of plastic pages - maybe the plan is to have at least one sampler page for just about all my mini-collections.

For my nations collection, I grabbed one card [in some cases the only card I currently have] from each nation represented - for me this collecting topic subset is about celebrating the relative diversity of professional baseball.

I’m not sure if this sampler display captures the spirit of my collection - but it’s kind of a look to show one of my interests.

There are mini-collections where the image isn't the dominant quality for inclusion in the mini-collection - so I have to be more specific in noting a player's card and its relevance.

First row: Albert Cartwright - Bahamas, Tony Solaita - American Samoa, Jason Bay - Canada
Second row: Tao Bu - China, Tony Batista - Dominican Republic, Steve Jeltz - France
Third row: John Hattig - Guam, Dinesh Patel - India, Luca Panerati - Italy

I prefer cards of players who played professionally with an affiliated MLB team, particularly in the major leagues - but if I end up with a mainstream card of someone who ended up doing neither [Tao Bu], they are added to the collection as a novelty of sorts.

I don't think I can ever account for everyone, especially the countless foreign born minor leaguers who may never make it past a certain level - when presumably the only card (s) they may have is a minor league team set issue, I won't seek them out unless I stumble upon them somewhere.

First row: Jose Pett - Brazil, Chito Martinez - Belize, Graeme Lloyd - Australia
Second row: Donald Lutz - Germany, Orlando Cabrera - Colombia, Jose Canseco - Cuba
Third row: Gerald Young - Honduras, Manuel Hernandez - Guatemala, Danny Cox - England

First row: Rod Carew - Panama, Ichiro - Japan, Robin Jennings - Singapore
Second row: Chen Chin-Feng - Taiwan, Vinny Castilla - Mexico, Scott Campbell - New Zealand
Third row: Danny Graves - Vietnam, Wladimir Balentien - Netherlands / Curacao, Ivan Calderon - Puerto Rico

First row: Marvin Benard - Nicaragua, Chili Davis - Jamaica
Second row: Hee-seop Choi - South Korea, Jose Abreu - Venezuela
Third row: Jerry Browne - U.S. Virgin Islands

For what it's worth, I'm not really sure how to classify a territory of another country in a factual way - but certain players' cards are represented within the collection 'as is,' even if the territory may not be considered a stand-alone nation.

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