Wednesday, April 24, 2019

2019 Bowman blaster purchases

Off the 2019 Bowman thread on the Blowout cards forums, I found out these were on the Tarjay Web site and decided to purchase some boxes at $19.99 each plus tax collected - on, they were priced slightly higher at $22.99 each plus tax collected.

Retail configurations are a tease, but collectors and speculators are mining for prospect gold and there was a little FOMO [that nasty acronym] - in case I wouldn’t be able to find any in-person at a big box stores.

As is, there might be a window to buy the same unopened retail products online - it saves a trip, without having to hope and pray the vultures haven't ravaged through the stock in-hand.

Unopened purchases is not a means to add something for my personal collections, but a break gives me an opportunity to flip through new cards - I'm hoping for at least a retail autograph pull, just to have some ink to show for my gamble, though the odds are long I'll pull someone who is a decent prospect.

I haven't decided or just might not bother on a hand-collated set purchase to build up the in-person / through the mail card depth, particularly for teams closest to me - things are bloated however and I get bummed out, when I can't get ink on cards I've ended up with.

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