Monday, August 12, 2019

1983 Fleer Joel Youngblood #641

Credit goes out to this blog for remembering Youngblood's odd feat - the fantasy card posted is nicer, but I settled for picking up a copy of the original issue card after I read the post.

Despite not knowing much about the player at all, Youngblood has been the inspiration for one of my personal offbeat terms [Youngblooding] - I use to describe sort of a long 'dual duty' day of any nature with the idea that not every day is straightforward and relatively speaking, sometimes I'm going to be stretched out to do a number of things.

The wallet card idea seems ancient history now but I might just put my Youngblood in a top loader of sorts, bag it in a team set bag and keep it - where I can grab it out of my pocket most of the time.


Bo said...

Great idea - looking forward to see where your wallet card pops up!

gregory said...

Cool, thanks for linking to my blog! Also, nice job coining the term "Youngblooding". I wonder how many people out there have been let go from one job and started their next job on the same day. That would be the ultimate version of Youngblooding, wouldn't it?