Friday, June 19, 2020

Featured autograph - Kenny Lofton

My last in-person encounter with the longtime outfielder was being denied an autograph after a Texas Rangers pre Opening Day workout at Angel Stadium in 2007 - because of this lingering memory, he isn’t necessarily ‘one of my guys,’ but I’ve got to give credit where it is due.

Lofton was a weapon as a leadoff hitter and even though he dropped off the Hall of Fame ballot - as one of the best center fielders of his era, he has a case for induction that maybe realized through the veteran's committee.

Past his supposed prime, it's weird Lofton bounced around so many teams - but he was able to stick around and be a productive offensive player until he was 40.

I didn’t think he had too many certified autographs and the ones listed had inflated prices for anyone who might have actually wanted them - it looks Panini had him sign a bunch of stickers to affix into their unlicensed baseball cards and new Lofton certified autograph cards have trickled out.

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