Friday, August 27, 2021

Card show pickups - binder material

What I call my decade stars collection is the loose cards I've pulled or found for notable players who made their debut during a particular decade - I don't keep up with going through the cards on a regular basis so maybe adding onto these collections isn't quite a priority other than as a 'catch all' spot.

On the other hand, I like being able to put pages of random cards together featuring the same subject - as part of binders serving as a register or an encyclopedia of sorts I have in-hand, rather than something digital.

Past the guys who made their debuts in the late 1970s and played through the junk wax era and even beyond - I'd ideally like to 'beef up' my collection of cards for old-school / vintage players, even if that means only making their retro, post-playing career issues keepers.

I grabbed the 1983 Fleer Rickey Henderson Super Star Special subset #646 card and was glad the other card [featuring Reggie Jackson #645] paired up with it was actually in the same penny sleeve - rather than a case where I have one card, but not the other.

I associate Ken Griffey Jr. as a 1990s guy, but he made his big league debut in 1989 - so the 1980s binders is where I have his cards situated.
These are legends who made their debut in the 1980s - besides the junk wax era cards, I'm probably still looking to make keepers out of cards from products I never got to heavily collect.

The 1988 Topps All-Star Roger Clemens #394 is actually a Tiffany card - so that adds a little something to what would be just enother junk wax card.

As far as 1990s debut guys go, I've got to grab Derek Jeter cards as I find them in the wild - where they add depth as more 'rank and file' binder material to the Jeter cards I have already.
More cards of stars who made their debut and had their breakout years in the 1990s - at one point Frank Thomas was neck-and-neck with Griffey Jr. as far as the most popular player in the baseball.

In the 'here and now,' maybe 'The Big Hurt' is a little forgotten [though not entirely out of sight with his baseball analyst work on Fox and various endorsements for questionable supplements] - where Griffey Jr. is still held in high regard as almost a mythical figure [as far as a baseball player goes].

There is a Chipper Jones card I picked up that I thought might have slipped through the cracks as a parallel - however, it is looks like it is one of four base card types released in 1998 Fleer Showcase.
These are cards of stars who made their debuts during the 2000s - with Albert Pujols no longer with the Angels, maybe there is a now a sudden nostalgia for when he was really in his prime with the St. Louis Cardinals, rather than trying to go back to his albatross years with the Angels.
Some cheap binder material for guys who made their debut from the 2010s - maybe I've had a small pile of Brendan Rodgers cards when he was a top prospect in the minor leagues, so I made him a decade stars guy this past year, just to be able to put the cards away somewhere.

Even though Rodgers has been hit with some injuries, maybe he's finally healthy for the Colorado Rockies to see if he can be a viable every day player in the infield - where he probably takes over for Trevor Story at shortstop in 2022 if that is what the Rockies want.

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