Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Some card show material to dwell on

Through last year, the promoters of the monthly show I attend have tried to branch out into a hotel venue - the first couple of 'new' shows were held at a hotel about 10-15 minutes away from my house compared to the 'flagship location' each month, which takes about 35-45 minutes through traffic.

However the promoters may have had to change things up to a different hotel location [same chain though] - not as close to my house but only really a couple of cities over. 

I ended going to the first hotel show of the year, which is just a little different than being in a gym - though it's still about finding that accessible table where I can dig around for some stuff rather than be idle.

I ended up at a table with a younger guy [maybe at least 25-30] who partners up with an older, guy whose booth at another card show was actually a go-to outlet for me through the late 2000s - I know it's the same person, but I don't know how he is still around and still looks virtually the same.

I was setting aside random dollar cards, because I saw a 2021 Bowman Blaze Jordan #BP71 and found at least four in the table's dollar bin - I'm not a serious prospector, but I've been really out of the loop the last couple of years.

I haven’t really harvested as many loose prospect cards of the younger guys where it's almost 'out of sight, out of mind' - until guys break through to the big leagues for the most part. 

I was going through a row of cards that had some rookie year Shohei Ohtanis and I found a 2018 Topps Gallery #116 and a 2018 Topps RC #700 for $10 each - there were other Ohtanis from Panini branded products, but I wanted to dig for some licensed singles.

I might have the Topps Ohtani since it’s fairly common, but if I didn’t, it might be worth picking up [along with the Topps Gallery] - where I’m would be trying to some squirrel away cheap rookie cards for my regional PC.  

I grabbed those cards and built up a miscellaneous stash of dollar cards - as long as I had a couple of Jordans in-hand, then I was good. 

I spent $15 on dollar cards [and a $3 Nolan Ryan insert], which were from the younger guy’s portion of the table - while the pair of Ohtani’s cost me $15 and were actually from the older guy’s boxes. 

The top row features 2019 Bowman Heritage, which I assume was an on-demand product that wasn't too popular - the second year cards of Ronald Acuña Jr. and Juan Soto off the set are kind of 'oddballs' in my book.

Even though numbered prospect parallels are a dime a dozen it seems and end up cards no one really wants - I bit on cards of Triston McKenzie and Ethan Hankins because I don't know any better.

At least McKenzie has reached the big leagues with some promise - while Hankins is a Tommy John case who looks to be on a mound pitching in some games again.

The second row features some serial #'d Topps Heritage Chrome parallels - maybe the values don't reflect it at all, but for me, it maybe a case where contemporary cards [from the last 10-15 years] turn into old school material where enough time has passed to make them novelties depending on player and card type.

I might have left a Josh Hamilton behind and would have left the Felix Hernandez - the last part of big league career stalled, but King Felix was a pitching superstar at his peak and deserves some post career love.

The last row featured a 2021 Topps Archives 1989 Big Foil Ryan #89BF-6 - it might be a case where I'd be getting one card for $3 instead of three more random dollar cards, but I had to put a newer shiny card of an Angels legend in my pile.

I've lost track of the Topps Stadium Club releases since 2014 where they don't have that same impact for me - but any loose TSC cards I think I might not have are nice finds, like this 2019 Topps Stadium Club Jackie Robinson #70 where he is inking it up over the dugout.

Finally, I don't know if it's a personal vow or anything, but any loose Satchel Paige cards should be made keepers - like a 2021 Panini Diamond Kings Gallery of Stars insert #GS3.

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