Sunday, May 08, 2022

Some bulk value box results

Maybe I feel like a degenerate but I've found myself going to card shows gravitating towards cheap cards - maybe I've always been this low end hoarder or scavenger for loose cardboard for various interests, though I get self-conscious where I feel more of a 'have not,' when I don't even bother looking through seller's main showcase material.

For what I try and hunt for, I'm still paying 'retail' where I'm not finding all these cards in quantities for a dime or a nickel - but anything under a dollar is in my wheelhouse as far as a reasonable price to pay as far as a collector at a card show, looking for some cheap thrills.

At a card show date, I found a table with a quaint, no frills set-up, though the seller looked like he was closing on selling a bigger, graded card lot to another collector or seller - I was mindlessly plugging through a $0.50 monster box at the table, going through the cards, where I feel it helps pass the time rather than feeling out of place with the bigger wheeling and dealing going on.

I was in my own little world and didn’t even realize the seller offered me a chair, which I appreciate - though I think what happens is I'm kind of marking my space and feel like I can hover over a box of cards and see which row or which brick of cards my hands gravitate to next, rather than being in a passive position where maybe it's just a little harder to see if certain peeks at cards pique my interest.

"If you're going to go through all my cards,’ he said. "You should have grabbed yourself a chair to sit on."

At some point, the seller actually offered the entire 3,000 count box and I might have considered it for a moment, but after guestimating the number of cards in the box, the seller came up with a $400 price, but the box wasn't entirely filled and I don't buy cards that way - with the bulk slab deal the seller made when I was at the table, I feel like he'd rather sell off his inventory in-hand in bigger lots, rather than through smaller purchases.

Binder material featuring newer cards of old-school players - from the 1940s through the 1990s.
Binder material featuring cards of guys whose prime years seemed not so long ago - yet players who made their debuts in the 2000s, who aren't playing anymore or are the elder statesmen of the big league clubs.
Binder material featuring cards of 'here and now' guys - including players who made their debuts early in the 2010s, who may still be top performers as veterans or some of the younger guys making their debuts in the latter portion of the decade, just hitting their prime years.
Binder material featuring cards of more of the uproven guys, who made their debuts through the 2020s - players who are still carving out their credentials as the decade moves further along.
Angels material - when it's not necessarily a priority to always look for my 'home team' cards, it's kind of a reward to find the occasional Angels keepers.
Some miscellaneous - cards I might have to think about fitting somewhere.
Basketball - these are the types of basic cards that have little value to a modern NBA collector, but I don't know any better; I like the LaMelo Ball card where he is going up against his brother Lonzo.
Football - these are the types of basic cards that have little value to a modern NFL collector, but I don't know any better where all I saw was all these neat cards I can salvage, including nine shiny cards [some dupes] of Peyton Manning.
Wrestling - another Brock Lesnar find for whatever reason and at least a pair of women wrestlers.

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