Thursday, April 27, 2023

Unearthing a small sample of shiny finds

I’m kind of surprised when there are other collectors makin’ whoopee at the bulk boxes at a card show - I tend to assume the low end bins are my space, where most won’t bother, but there are guys digging around just the same, occasionally pulling cards for each other [like on one occasion], building up stacks on their own.

Maybe it's more fun and games, but it doesn't make me feel as lonely doing my thing - where I do my damage, looking for cards for my assorted interests.

For collectors now of a certain age, yet didn't grow up in the middle ages - cards that pop seem to be a lure, where the aesthetics of a parallel or insert make them no brainer keepers, especially out of the glut of cards taking space that end up looking kind of the same.

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Jon said...

That Albert Belle is pretty cool. I've never seen that set before.