Friday, October 07, 2005

My 1961 Topps PSA-5 Ed Mathews finally arrived that I purchased from Ebay.

44 years ago, the Mathews card maybe have been equivalent to a 2005 Topps Eric Chavez card today that is a little worn, a little off-center but has been graded.

On the other hand, for $8.50 shipped, how can I go wrong with this card featuring a Hall of Fame member and 500 home run club member? $8.50 doesn't buy you a pack of 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot.

It is like having an honest-to-goodness antique 'relic' from 1961 in my grasp.

The card may not featured an autograph or a piece of a bat or comparable 'game-used' material but I feel like I can have a vintage card in-hand (even in a slab) and sense the history packed into it just by looking at it.

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