Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Featured cards
2008 Topps Heritage Ken Aspromonte and R.C. Stevens 1959 Topps buy backs

Topps made it somewhat easy to acquire these original 1959 Topps buy back cards. Inserted as box toppers, at a rate of about one per two boxes, they are embossed with the Topps 50th Anniversary logo, which distinguishes them from similar cards not bought back for the program.

I suppose they are altered because they are embossed, but then you wouldn't be able to keep track whether or not a card was a buyback or not. Having an actual piece of trading card history [and not merely a reprint] is pretty cool.

I picked these two cards in the mail, purchased individually from the same seller on EBay, for the price of about two packs of cards [$1.79 each BIN with $2.59 combined s/h].

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