Sunday, April 13, 2008

This guy is no Chris Shelton -

1.) Mr. Justin Upton is just crushing the baseball right and it is interesting how fast things have come together for this phenom - we don't really know if he can keep up his torrid start, but there is something to be said about a 20-year old Major Leaguer putting up superstar numbers.

2.) From his amateur days, everyone said he was going to be a superstar - his hot start has separated him from guys who maybe good prospects, who maybe projected to be all-stars. He is beginning to fulfill his immense promise and looks to be a superstar.

3.) Chris Shelton was a guy who hit something like 10 home runs in the first month of the season for the 2006 Detroit Tigers - everyone thought he was going to be a future superstar, but he didn't match the production and is an a 'AAAA slugger' type in the Texas Rangers' organization. Shelton had the talent to play in the Major Leagues once, but I doubt he has much in common with Upton.

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