Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Featured autograph - Joe Saunders

There is a wall mural / display of current Angels players as one-time Little Leaguers along the Terrace Level concourse [where the concourse curves around, when walking towards right field from the first base side] at Angel Stadium - I think each Angel player featured on the wall actually took some time to sign an actual autograph, instead of a facsimile autograph applied to their 'bios.'

Roaming around at Angel Stadium on Monday, the day after the Angels' traded Saunders and prospects to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Dan Haren - the Saunders display had already disappeared.

While Saunders was a 'bulldog' at times in his career for the Halos - it seems like he was more of a No. 3 or No. 4 guy and maybe it was a little disappointing to watch him struggle for periods of time.

Several years ago, I printed out an Wallpaper image of Saunders at Virginia Tech on 4x6 photo paper - I was finally able to get Saunders to sign it this past spring training.

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