Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 MLB All-Star break events - a recap of sorts

Even though I was excited about All-Star break in Anaheim - I didn't bother with the events people cared about like the Home Run Derby [maybe $60 or so for a ticket to get into Angel Stadium] and the actual All-Star Game [maybe $150 for a ticket to get into Angel Stadium].

It seemed easy to 'whiff' on these events, because when I'm wired to look for autographs - paying $60-$150 for tickets just to be a 'non-VIP' spectator is just isn't going to cut it.

I did spend time at the Futures Game / Taco Bell Celebrity / Legends softball game[$20 for a ticket] the Sunday before the game was played and got a handful of prospects' autographs there including players like Mike Moustakas [U.S.A.], Eric Hosmer [U.S.A.] and Brett Lawrie [World] - though I didn't bother to get Angels' uber prospect Mike Trout and eventual game MVP Hank Conger.

I was able to also snag Jennie Finch's autograph as well as Fred Lynn's - even though I failed to account for the fact Mike Piazza was going to be around.

My goal as far as picking up autographs of the active players was to get some 'big fish' along the way - I wasn't not going to try and make it a goose chase with no results to show for the huffing and puffing. In the end, I didn't get much, but the following players signed and I was able to get them.

Marlon Byrd (2) - was able to get him twice.
Trevor Cahill 3/3 - signed three cards at one time.
Troy Tulowitzki (1) - my best success from an active player during the A.S. break, this was totally a fluke. The item he signed was actually a 6x8 sized 2007 Topps Turkey Red Cabinet.
Vernon Wells 2/2, 2/2 - he signed a bunch and was able to get him on two cards, two different times.

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