Thursday, August 06, 2009

Autograph request through the mail received: Kendry Morales

Kendry Morales c/o Los Angeles Angeles - signed two cards in black Sharpie in about two weeks.

Morales doesn't glare, doesn't growl or yell when you approach him for an autograph in-person - I've tried to get his autograph in-person just a couple of times and he just looks past you like you weren't there.

Maybe he is more accomodating in organized events - but it is hard to get his attention in-person. I'm sure he is the dude wearing the sunglasses.

Several months ago, I saw this post on another collector's blog - and decided to send a request to Morales, skeptical he would actually respond to an autograph request in the mail.

Fortunately, the cards got back to me safely and both of them were signed - they look pretty good and Morales is just having a breakout season for the Halos in 2009.

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Michael Nuño said...

Where do you mail the cards to test and see if you can get a autograph? Do you write one sentence asking for an autograph or do you write a paragraph?

Michael Nuno