Saturday, August 01, 2009

Featured autograph - Bobby Abreu

Even with Vladimir Guerrero and Torii Hunter out, the Los Angeles Angels' offense has been rolling because guys like - Chone Figgins, Mike Napoli, Kendry Morales, Juan Rivera, Erick Aybar and even Maicer Izturis have each put together pretty good offensive numbers.

It looks like the spring training offense when you can put up five or more runs on a consistent basis and come back - against opposing teams who have jumped ahead early in the games.

Bobby Abreu has been in the middle of the Angels' offensive attack and one wonders, where to begin with the praises for this savvy veteran - who signed with the Angels with about two weeks left to go in spring training.

Even though the $5 million Abreu is being paid is still a lot of money to the average folk - it was a bargain for the type of player he has been and the type of season he is having now.

Abreu has given the Angels a different type of pure hitter - with Abreu's ability to recognize pitches, adapt to situations and patience [61 walks/an on-base percentage over .400], he can either set the table, but also be a middle-of-the-order presence.

He hasn't reached double digit home runs yet, but he is closing in on another 100 RBI season - while the RBI stat maybe more of a function of the guys getting on-base infront of him, give Abreu some credit for being an RBI machine.

As a batter, he might guess here and there - but even at 35, it doesn't look like he really has lost any bat speed with a batting average currently over .300.

Abreu has been dogged for maybe not being adept defensively and also for not being the best baserunner - but it seems like there maybe an emphasis to be a little more conscientious with the Angels. As a baserunner, he has been opportunistic, stealing 21 bases and only being caught five times.

At this point, it looks like he is going to finish up with another strong season - hopefully Angels fans have enjoyed watching him perform, watch him finish strong and see how much he might want in order to come back next year [or the next couple of years].

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