Monday, March 22, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage review

2010 Topps Heritage Jhoulys Chacin #292

I've only really picked up four retail rack packs of Topps Heritage and this featured card, though looking through the cards I pulled - I'm ambivalent over this year's base cards. 

The images on the base cards seems washed out to the point of being ideal for a blue Sharpie autograph - but simply being too boring and gloomy [unlike 2009 Topps Heritage, where I thought the images were brighter and the card graphics popped out].

For some reason, I like the card backs featuring a greyback card stock with a dark two-tone green/black colors - it makes me wonder if this was how the original cards were, when they first came out of packs back in 1961.

Perhaps not, but there is still a novelty I associate with perusing the backs because there seems to be a lot of things to digest - the text / statistics are simply hard to read, but it fascinates me how Topps manages to lay out the back with so many different things including the card number, the player's name, team, position, bio, a blurb, stats and a cartoon as well.

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