Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2010 Cactus League trip recap special #1

Being able to get out to Arizona for an 11 day spring training trip from the end of February through the beginning of March - made me feel enthused about the upcoming MLB season. The worst part of the off-season is stockpiling baseball cards and other stuff and having no place to go to get them signed.

Once the autograph numbers piled up and I start to see other people chasing after players, I start to feel like I have a purpose again - even though I may not have gone to Arizona as a big league player or an employee of an MLB team.

My total number of autograph was around 441 - which seemed like a lower number than I'd expected to get.

When I start to feel like opportunities to get a particular player are shrinking - then it is disappointing. It isn't realistic to expect to get everyone, but it gnaws at me, on the way back home with my friend.

The weather in 2010 in Arizona wasn't as hot - I was glad that going there and coming back, the travel days to get from California to Arizona were more bearable.

While it did rain at least one day on the trip, going out for autographs - unlike 2009, it wasn't I felt like I was imploding every day I went out for autographs, because of the heat.

With my 'dinky,' but new point-and-shoot camera, I was able to take some images - here is one of Ken Griffey Jr.

"Hey, [Junior] - when are you going to sign?" A fan yelled during a Seattle Mariners / San Diego Padres spring training fan fest in Peoria.

"Tomorrow morning," Junior shot back. "[Catch me] at the Holiday Inn."

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