Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Autograph in-person failure - Dean Chance

I thought I had an opportunity to get former Angels pitcher Dean Chance's autograph at the Angels game last Saturday against the New York Yankees - when he threw out the first pitch before the game.

Wristbands were handed out for the first 100 people and I was about 25 back - however, I had to wander around and watch batting practice for that other team [even though I was told by the longtime female usher as I got my wristband, I couldn't wander past the area where Chance was signing other than use the restroom perhaps].

When I finally came back towards the line at the start of the game, I was lumped towards the end of the line for people who were guaranteed an autograph - when Chance started to sign at around the top of the third inning, he only got through about 25-30 people before the signing was abruptly cancelled due to health issues.

I was really disappointed, though I sort of understand Chance maybe at a fragile age at 70 - he isn't like some of the younger Angels alumni who have participated in signing for fans after throwing out the first pitch.

My friend and I spotted him after the game and thought we could get his autograph then - some people saw him too and we followed him out one the side gates at Angel Stadium, but Chance still refused to sign.

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