Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 Topps Update Walmart blaster recap

2011 Topps Update blaster box [$19.98 each at a Walmart]

Throwback Patch pack
TLMP-JMO Joe Morgan

Pack one
US-234 Brandon Crawford
US-174 Jacob Turner
US-5 Josh Willingham
US-176 Xavier Nady
US-62 Jason Marquis
US-92 Hunter Pence
DD-17 Craig Kimbrell / Julio Teheran - Diamond Duos insert
US-243 Chris Denorfia

Pack two
US-255 Allen Craig
US-85 Roy Halladay
US-329 Dee Gordon
US-120 Bobby Parnell
US-33 Jayson Nix
TDG-21 Mickey Mantle - Diamond Giveaway code card
T60-132 George Sisler - Topps 60 insert
US-131 Jeff Keppinger

Pack three
US-201 Hisanori Takahashi
US-250 Zack Greinke
US-278 Jacoby Ellsbury
US-300 Carl Crawford
US-28 Adam Kennedy
374 Washington Nationals - this maybe a Hope parallel card, serial #'d 03/60 but the surface is peeling though...
US-102 Sean Burnett - Platinum Diamond Anniversary parallel
US-150 Adrian Beltre - looks like someone took a corner and bent it on purpose

Pack four
US-214 Matt Daley
US-262 Javy Guerra
US-315 Carlos Pena
US-140 Clayton Kershaw
US-145 Bartolo Colon
US-32 Matt Stairs - gold parallel serial #'d 1477/2011
KC-145 Eric Hosmer - Kimball Champions insert
US-193 Lonnie Chisenhall - looks like someone took a corner and bent it on purpose.

Pack five
US-115 Kerry Wood
US-223 Arthur Rhodes
US-255 Allen Craig
US-58 Tim Lincecum
US-87 Clayton Mortensen
TTU-48 Ian Desmond - ToppsTown
22 Barry Zito - Cognac parallel
US-33 Jayson Nix

Pack six
US-183 Carlos Peguero
US-11 Jason Pridie
US-251 Justin Turner
US-249 Starlin Castro
US-252 Derek Jeter
US-301 Tom Gorzelanny
US-8 David Robertson - Platinum Diamond Anniversary parallel
US-62 Jason Marquis

Pack seven
US-63 Doug Fister
US-27 Joey Devine
US-198 Kevin Jepsen
US-273 Miguel Montero
US-105 Joel Hanrahan
TDG-30 Prince Fielder - Diamond Giveaway code card
KC-141 Andre Dawson - Kimball Champions insert

US-316 Justin Upton - looks like someone took a corner and bent it on purpose; maybe I can find a few more cards this way but the damaged of cards of Beltre, Chisenhall and Upton are the most pronounced.

Pack eight
US-220 Adam Dunn
US-51 Andruw Jones
US-291 Andrew McCutchen
US-42 David Ortiz
US-271 Eric O'Flaherty

US-191 Andy Sonnanstine - Cognac parallel; the foil on the banner featuring the player's name and position is sort of scratched out.
T60-145 Michael Pineda - Topps 60 insert
US-5 Josh Willingham

Pack nine - Walmart blue parallel pack #1; I didn't really care for the black parallels found in previous Topps Walmart blasters, but they seemed to be a little more unique than slapping a blue border on the Update base cards.

US-89 Sean O'Sullivan
US-97 Cody Eppley
US-328 Kevin Gregg
US-197 Brandon League
TDG-25 Adrian Beltre - Diamond Giveaway code card
T60-146 Freddie Freeman - Topps 60 insert
US-249 Starlin Castro
Us-252 Derek Jeter

Pack 10 - Walmart blue parallel pack #2
US-46 Angel Sanchez
US-157 Reed Johnson
US-161 Connor Jackson
US-288 Eric Thames
US-32 Matt Stairs - Platinum Diamond Anniversary parallel
20 Honus Wagner - Cognac parallel; this is a parallel of a short print variation, though I believe these are made in the same quantities as the other non-SP Cognac parallels.
US-323 Jhonny Peralta
US-310 Scott Rolen

PS - there were three Diamond Giveaway cards in the box and I unlocked a 1980 Topps Francisco Barrios #107, a 1979 Topps Paul Mitchell #233 and a 1984 Topps Jim Clancy #575.

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