Sunday, October 02, 2011

Featured autographs - Rod Carew and Mike Witt

Rod Carew was signing for former Angels player Jim Eppard [the Angels AAA hitting coach at Salt Lake] throwing out the first pitch before the Angels game on Sept. 26 - I thought it was Eppard signing [I did realize as a coach called up after their season is over, Eppard still had to be in the dugout during the game] so I didn't bother to get an autograph wristband at the start of batting practice until an acquaintance came up and told me it was Carew doing the chore.

With a couple of other acquaintances, we hustled to get where the usher was handing out wristbands for the autograph signing - there was actually no problem getting an wristband because no one expected it would be Carew to show up.

During the game, I got my 1983 Topps Angels Leaders / checklist card with Carew and Mike Witt signed - though I wondered why I didn't have a better 'non-card' item to get signed.

I didn't want to be holding onto the card for while - knowing I still needed to get Carew on it in case he showed up to make an appearance somewhere.

Maybe if I hadn't gotten Carew before and/or was paying for his autograph - I'd think twice about getting just a card signed, but I was committed to finishing a multiplayer card already signed by Witt earlier in the season.

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