Monday, December 05, 2011

A Halo 'swing and a miss' - Jeff Mathis

I wish Jeff Mathis nothing but the best as he was finally traded from the Angels - I have nothing against him personally though it is disappointing he never really was able to develop into anything but a glorified bullpen catcher [who probably got playing time because he was a favorite of Angels manager Mike Scioscia].

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Reivax said...

I have mixed feelings. I used to wish they'd just give the damned job to Napoli, at least give him 400 AB to see what he could come up with. (Apparently a lot!). Then, after a couple years, I was finally sold on the concept that Mathis' value on the field more than made up for his batting suckiness. Now they go and finally trade him! oh well.
Watch, he'll hit .280 and get a gold glove and silver slugger as catcher for someone else!