Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Angels get a catcher

The Angels traded for catcher Chris Iannetta and while he has shown spurts of offensive potential with the Colorado Rockies - the 28-year old catcher has sort of had an underwhelming Major League career and as a hitter hasn't done particularly well away from Coors Field during the past three years.

It is weird to go and talk about Mike Napoli as some kind of star, but he has sort of become one in Texas - I think the Angels are hoping Iannetta can mimic Napoli's success and sort of emerge as a catcher who knows what he is doing with the bat.

Going to the Rockies is Tyler Chatwood, who may have been rushed to the Major Leagues, in his first and only season with the Angels in 2011 - he has shown a 'live arm,' but is probably more of a project at this point, striking out only three more guys than he walked in a decidedly uneven rookie season.

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Play at the Plate said...

As soon as I saw this story, my first thought was "miss Napoli much?"

Sometimes it takes a change of scenery for a player to break out of a rut. Who is to say Nap would have had that great season in L.A.? Maybe the Angels will get some of that fortune the Rangers got with Nap.