Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Card show trip #3 the finale - 2011 Bowman Draft hobby box recaps

I wanted baseball cards of young professional players, guys drafted or signed this past year by Major League teams I've never heard about before - I think I got a stampede of them in the 2011 Bowman Draft boxes I picked up for $58 each as my 'main' hauls from my card show trip.

It remains to be seen which various base prospect cards I'll be able to get signed and which ones I'll be stuck with for a while - hopefully for the guys that do 'wash out,' I'll be able to get their cards signed sooner than never.

There are also cards of 2011 MLB rookies and USA players featured in this set - I think the USA players are from the U16 team, so it maybe a couple of years away before we find a particular guy is either going to play professional baseball out of high school or go to college of some sort.

The black borders on the non-Chrome prospect cards remind me of the black bordered wrapper redemption cards from 2010 Bowman Chrome - I like how these prospect cards came out for 2011 BDP, though they maybe more condition sensitive than the plain ole' white border prospect cards from regular Bowman.

I don't know if the stated odds really bear it out - but I was expecting to pull more 'color' as in various refractors. There is no sugarcoating the fact that the refractors / colored parallels I pulled were a bit 'lackluster.'

My two autographs were two Chicago Cubs - Javier Baez [9th overall] and Dan Vogelbach [68th overall]; I didn't realize Baez was picked within the first 10 overall picks and I've seen Chris Farley lookalike Vogelbach from his Power Showcase highlight video.

Box one
#14 Matt Carpenter - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 91 William Abreu - blue parallel serial #'d 217/499
#BDPP 108 Dany Toussaint - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 99 Jake Jarvis - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 35 Todd Frazier - Chrome refractor
#BCAP-DV Dan Vogelbach - Chrome refractor certified autograph; serial #'d 187/500
#6 Bruce Billings - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 8 Matt Barnes - Chrome refractor
#85 Everett Teaford - Chrome blue parallel serial #'d 095/199

Box two
#BCP-JBA Javier Baez - Chrome certified autograph; not numbered
#39 Graham Godfrey - Chrome; blue parallel serial #'d 052/199
#13 Mark Hamburger - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 33 Tyler Goeddel - Chrome refractor
#21 Henry Sosa - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 49 Scott Woodward - blue parallel serial #445/499
#BDPP 42 Nick De Santiago - Chrome refractor
#BDPP 81 George Springer - Chrome refractor
#5 Pedro Beato - Chrome refractor

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