Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition box break recap

#79 Ross Wilson - Status parallel autograph serial #'d 2/5.

I ended up picking a box of 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition baseball for about $70 at a card shop 15 minutes away from my house - I haven't been to the shop during the last three months since the shop had opened and wanted to see what they had during Black Friday.

It was a typical card shop with overhead costs [rent and everything else that makes the store look good / attractive] to worry about - so the 'wax' in the shop probably reflects those costs, though it looks like they may have a little better prices for online consumers [as opposed to guys who randomly walk in from the cold like I did].

I settled for box of 2010 EEE on impulse and busting through the boxes on my way to work, these were my autograph pulls - I also pulled some inserts, maybe a parallel of little consequence.

#151 Jason Mitchell - certified autograph serial #'d11/50

#111 Mike Kvasnicka - certified autograph serial #455/530

#7 Bobby Doran - certified autograph serial #'d 523/644

#98 Tyler Holt - certified autograph serial #260/694

#10 Nick Castellanos - certified autograph serial #191/699

#190 Erick Goeddel - certified autograph serial #'d 521/810

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