Sunday, September 25, 2011

The 2011 Angels - a season recap perhaps...

I'd been hoping the Angels would still have some life in them but after losing 6-5 to the Oakland Athletics on Sunday - their opportunity to sneak into the playoffs through the Wild Card seems to have been obliterated.

Even if they sweep the Texas Rangers in their last three games - the Angels would still have to hope Tampa Bay and Boston lose the rest of their games to make things interesting.

I can't look past the fact the Angels are not making the playoffs but manager Mike Scioscia has done a credible job in leading his 2011 Angels - rebuilding with young kids who emerged as team stars and seemingly overachieving, winning nearly 90 games despite not having what seemed to be a 'championship caliber' team.

The team to beat in the American League West is obviously the Texas Rangers - they are the ones who ended up with former Halos fan favorite Mike Napoli, while the Angels got a broken down VW.


Play at the Plate said...

Mike Napoli has been great this year. And to think, I used to really dislike him!

Stealing Home said...

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