Thursday, September 29, 2011

Featured autograph - Mike Napoli

I don't think Mike Napoli was ever going to be the solution at catcher for the team he once played for - but obviously it is his power bat that plays on, not his ability to catch and throw.

After going ape-sheet on the Angels in the last two regular season games in 2011
- he has finished off his season in style and looks to carry his hot hitting into the American League Division Series.


The Angels In Order said...

Do I covet it because its a Napoli autograph, or despise it because he's in a Rangers uniform.

I covet.

Play at the Plate said...

I won't go into his offensive production which produced career highs in nearly every category. I will point out that he threw out 10 of 31 runners (32.3%) which is more than accepable. Even more important than that is the Rangers 42-15 record when he was catching. He calls a good game and the pitchers like him. Enough said.

Love the card by the way!