Friday, May 30, 2014

1995 Fleer Ultra Extra All-Rookie Team hot pack Terrell Davis insert

Whenever I lose track of a card I suddenly need for whatever reason, I start to rummage through the junk stuff I've collected over the years and get distressed - it's a pain to feel like a hoarder and forget where I put a specific card that I know I had at one point.

I get a bug up my you know what and I wonder if I might have thrown the card away or someone might have taken it - though in reality, who cares about a 20-year old trading card I know I have somewhere but can't immediately find.

I dabbled in collecting football cards in the mid 1990's and from a lone pack, I pulled a set of inserts out that featured the Davis card - he was a superstar talent for several seasons, though his career was cut short before he could make any long term impact i.e. sticking around to round out what was probably a Hall of Fame career.

After worrying about the card [it was only one missing from the other cards in the All-Rookie Team hot pack insert set I had stored in a plastic card box] - I found the card squirreled away in an old Angels ticket envelope that was stuffed in a 15 year old Upper Deck lanyard / ticket holder from the 2000 National among other cards in a plastic box of knickknacks.

I don't feel this way when I'm in the heat of the moment and I'm digging around for something, but I do kind of feel like unless something 'drastic' happened - I usually will end up misplacing trading cards and other things but I've more or else will have them secured somewhere [obscure] as opposed to being lost to oblivion.

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