Monday, May 26, 2014

Baseball video games

I still play the occasional baseball video game, which means a used MLB 2K10 I bought three or four years ago for $3 and change - I play the game on an XBox 360 console from 2006 that I treat like a video game console from 1990, which means it's just me against the computer.

Even thought MLB 2K10 is at least five years old - the graphics are so much better than when I was really into video games 25-30 years ago.

I do get bored however, because maybe baseball doesn't really lend itself to the excitement of non-sport games [which I don't play at all] - the baseball games on the MLB 2K10 plays more like a simulation and I wish it had the following, which I swear I've seen randomly in the various low bit baseball video games of my youth:

1.) An arcade game mode - exaggerated sound effects, animation effects that are combined with whatever 'realism' is injected into the games over the last five years.

2.) More player animations - players adjusting their cups, pitchers on the mound tiring, players spitting seeds, batters admiring home runs, player close ups with seemingly realistic mannerisms.

3.) Beanball brawls, ejections - it's probably not politically correct for games licensed by Major League Baseball, but it would be a fun add to see something where the a beaned batter would get angry and charge the mound; maybe the benches empty and relievers are storming out of the bullpen in anticipation of a fight.

4.) Fully developed postseason scenarios - maybe have a celebration montage if you win the World Series, maybe have several different ones or even one for each team, so there would be something to play for as opposed to the merely season ending and rolling over to the next.

5.) Broadcast crews - they sort of add realism to the games, but they can only say so much; they probably shouldn't mention anything that can be outdated like names of the managers in the dugout.


Fuji said...

I loved playing baseball video games back in the early 90's, because they were simpler back then. I have a game on my PS3 that I've played a few times (never a full game), but it's too hard to learn all of the controls. The only baseball game that I still play is MLB 06 for my PSP (and that's only when I fly somewhere). That game is simple and fun.

defgav said...

I still play Bases Loaded 2 on the NES every so often.